AADHum Online

AADHum Online is a virtual space dedicated to sustaining a scholarly dialogue at the intersection of African American history, culture,  and the digital humanities. Hosted by Slack, this space provides “channels” for:

  • general discussion and camaraderie-building;
  • posting relevant calls for papers, proposals, and/or applications, whether for conferences, jobs, publications, and/or funding opportunities;
  • sharing relevant resources, including scholarly research, blog posts, and/or projects;
  • seeking and sharing support for writing academic and public scholarship;
  • and promoting, discussing, and troubleshooting digital tools, methods, and platforms that support Black digital humanities work.

We hope that AADHum Online will further extend AADHum’s work beyond the local Maryland area and continue fostering community and collaboration among researchers across a wide range of disciplines whose work speaks to the Black digital humanities. We also hope that AADHum Online will serve to create and hold space for those of us who too often feel isolated or unsupported in our home institutions.

To join AADHum Online, we ask that you complete the form embedded below, which invites you to review and affirm a memorandum of understanding for all participants, as well as provide your contact information in order to be invited to the Slack workspace.

Please be advised that, like all AADHum spaces, AADHum Online is governed by our Code of Conduct.

We look forward to working and learning with you!