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The System Saver provided a fan and surge protection to the Apple IIe.

A printer card for the Apple II series.

The version of BASIC used in many Apple II computers. A collaboration between Microsoft and Apple. Supported floating point numbers.

This is the 8-bit microprocessor for the Apple IIe.

The Apple IIe motherboard, Revision B.

This joystick typically connects to the IIe or IIc systems through a 9-Pin connector.

Applied Engineering's RamWorks memory expansion card, Revision D, for the Apple IIe. The card provides up to 1 MB of RAM expansion with 80 column text support.

The Disk II Drive Controller Card, located inside the Apple IIe computer and fitted into one of its seven slots.

The two full-height 5¼-inch floppy disk drives of the Disk II Drive Subsystem. These are early models manufactured by Shugart Drives.

The 5¼-inch floppy disk drive subsystem includes the disk drives and interface card installed in the computer. The drives were designed by Steve Wozniak. The drives read single-sided disks.

The interface card contains the Apple DOS 3.3 software,…