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This is the graphics processor for the Commodore 128D. This created the support for an 80-column text display, and a maximum resolution of 640x400.

The microprocessor has 64 KB of programmable RAM.

This is the internal 5¼-inch floppy disk drive for the Commodore 128D. It is able to read a double-sided, double-density disk without any need to flip the disk over.

Disks used in such a fashion could hold up 340 KB of data.

The System Saver provided a fan and surge protection to the Apple IIe.

The removable keyboard for the Commodore 128D. By contrast, the Commodore 128's keyboard was built-in to the computer unit.

The Zilog Z80 microprocessor is the secondary, 8-bit processor for the Commodore 128D, used to boot into CP/M compatible mode.

This is the primary, 8-bit processor for the Commodore 128D.

Apple DOS was the disk operating system for Apple II systems, handling read and write operations for floppy diskettes. It was designed to work with Applesoft BASIC.

The motherboard for the Commodore 128D.

The Commodore 128D computer.

The 5" monochrome CRT display for the Osborne 1. The screen displayed 52 characters in 24 rows. However the display could present 128 characters at a time; the user needed to use the cursor keys to display characters beyond the current 52 onscreen.

The Osborne 1 keyboard, also the lid and handle to the computer. Attached to the system through the 24-pin port.