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1 Mar 2016
Stephanie Sapienza

Computer Science and the Humanities Then and Now: A Film Screening and Discussion with Andy van Dam

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This screening features Brown University's Andy van Dam and his 1974 documentary about an NEH-funded project to "support an experimental program to teach a college-level English poetry course, utilizing a new form of computer based 'manuscript,' called a hypertext." The screening is followed by a panel discussion and Q&A, moderated by MITH's Matt Kirschenbaum.

8 Jul 2015


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In Fall 2000, the University of Maryland School of Music voted unanimously to begin offering its Masters of Ethnomusicology program in a combined residential/online program with the goal of targeting students in Latin America and Spain through courses taught primarily in Spanish. Former MITH Faculty Fellow Carolina Robertson, who eventually worked on the Narratives That Heal project, collaborated with MITH on the development of the online learning environment for this Distributed Learning Masters, making Spain/Online an early 'MITH Affiliate.' 

4 Jun 2015

International Virtual Potluck

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This was a MITH Fellows Project of American Studies professor Jo Paoletti. The Intercultural Virtual Potluck featured a Virtual University of Maryland South Campus Dining Hall in order to research various aspects of racial, sexual, and ethnic tensions in human interaction. This project was part of a much larger project Paoletti worked on during and after her fellowship time at MITH, entitled The Intercultural Learning Center (ICLC), one of the first online digital pedagogical resources and online learning environments in the early days of distance learning.

9 Feb 2012

Emily Dickinson: Technology and Mythobiography

By |2017-02-05T21:25:40-05:00Feb 9, 2012|

This was a 2001 Faculty Fellowship project of Professor Carol Burbank from the Department of Theatre. Employing two different models of performative technology, a series of interactive templates for student experiments in writing, and a web collage or performance “fugue,” Dr. Burbank explored the way pastiche and narrative function within a technological frame.

9 Feb 2012

Business Russian Case Studies

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This web-based language learning project was developed by 2001 MITH Faculty Fellow, Professor Maria Lekic from Asian and East European Languages and Cultures. The project involved the teaching and analysis of adult foreign language acquisition within relatively unscripted naturalistic settings through the design of computerized modules for individual or classroom involving specialized vocabularies (such as Russian for business use, space science, etc.).

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