Fall 2017 Digital Dialogues speakers. Left to right, top to bottom: Kevin Hamilton, September 26; Nicole Cooke, October 3; Sarah Florini, October 10; Elisa Beshero-Bondar, October 24; Alexandrina Agloro, October 31; and Walter Forsberg, November 7.

MITH has wrapped up another fantastic Digital Dialogues season! This semester we got to hear about groundbreaking scholarly work on the history of segregation in the field of Library & Information Science (Nicole Cooke, October 3); research on how online social networks function to foster community discourse on race and representation (Sarah Florini, October 10); a discussion on the interdisciplinary benefits the arts can offer humanities in terms of materiality in research (Kevin Hamilton, September 26); a preview of new work in digital textual scholarship revealing new insights about the evolution of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein over several editions (Elisa Beshero-Bondar, October 24); inspiring stories of working with art, media and game design to help students of color understand and thrive in their world – AND conduct hands-on archival research (Alexandrina Agloro, October 31); and lastly, how the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture is doing truly innovative collaborative archival work building public digitization labs to encourage community engagement and build its audiovisual collections (Walter Forsberg, November 7).

All talks were live streamed, recorded, live tweets were captured and collated in Storify, and slides for most talks made available on the speakers’ talk pages. So if you missed any of these, you’ve still got means to experience them through the MITH site. Click here to access links for all Fall 2017 talks.

Now … it’s time to plan for the Spring. Each semester we open up nominations for anyone to propose a speaker for MITH to add to our lineup. Click here to access the nomination form and submit your selections. Nominations are due next Friday, November 17th.

Finally, MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Tuesday, December 5th at 12:30! MITH will host a coffee hour here at our offices with students, faculty or staff who want to come in and wind down the end of the semester, talk about the progress of your projects, get our input or suggestions, or just talk about whatever is on your mind. We’d love to see you here to wrap up this semester!