This Wednesday March 29th, the Comparative Literature Department will present the Vambery Lecture with current Vambery Distinguished Professor Ryan Long of the Spanish Department.

Hannes Meyer in Europe and Mexico: Building, a Poetics of Displacement
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
11:30am to 1:00pm
Tawes Hall 2115 (Faculty Lounge)
Lunch will be served

Please RSVP to Gerard Passannante if you plan to attend.

Architect and Bauhaus Dessau director Hannes Meyer (1889-1954) lived and worked in Switzerland, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Mexico. His career was shaped by political persecution, resistance, and efforts to construct more egalitarian and just societies. This presentation argues that Meyer’s itinerary illustrates especially clearly architecture’s poetic relationship with space and time, a relationship defined more by disjuncture and interruption than coherency and continuity.