During the three-day CorporaCamp code sprint at MITH the participants built a prototype application designed to work across three large text collections. The result of our efforts is ‘Woodchipper’ — a tool that allows the scholar to select a set of texts from these collections and to produce visualizations of thematic relationships between them.

Woodchipper was built primarily to inform the Corpora Space design process. Preparing for and carrying out CorporaCamp has given us insight into the problems and challenges we face in designing Corpora Space. It has allowed us to build, test, and refine the application and the architecture on which it is built. The next step is to engage scholars in the design of Corpora Space so that the tools we build will meet their needs.

The CorporaCamp website is now live, with a screencast explaining and demonstrating Woodchipper. You will also find more information about our design process, and how to get involved in testing Woodchipper.