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A Beat Take on Blake

Posted by Amanda Visconti on Saturday, April 7th, 2012 at 11:50 am

The Allen Ginsberg Project blog has started posting transcripts of the beat poet’s lectures on Blake’s Book of Urizen from a 1978 seminar on Blake. I’ve found the second and third lectures to be the most worth reading:

(found via “The Cynic Sang” Blake Archive blog, which has posts on both Blake and the technical work of the Archive.)

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  • Philip Stewart says:

    I saw the best minds of my generation lured away to be “quants!” rational, gorging, suited-up mascots
    Gridlocked in the Tysons Corner Streets at five, fielding a headhunter’s pitch,
    Angelheaded hackers, burning for the heavenly siphon to the earthly dynamo of money, quantum mechanics
    And the whole economy up on blocks to be readied for the drag strip, finally empirical,
    A chance to see something real go into the Wall Street Financial Accelerator…

    *Hrm.* Sorry. (coughs)

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