Sign-Up for Open Mic/Mouse

The Open Mic/Mouse on the evening of Wednesday, May2, is free and open to all. Everyone is welcome to take a turn at the mic and mouse–the only requirement is that you conceive of your work as “electronic literature” in some form.

Technology in the room will be a Windows machine, with accompanying projection and sound capabilities (and an internet connection).

We have no control over the software installaion, but you can assume a current generation Web browser, probably Firefox. You cannot necessarily assume the presence of particular plug-ins.

An altnerative will be to swap your own laptop into the room’s projection system. Doing that is easier for works without sound than those with sound (which require a separate set of cables to connect to the sound system in the room). It should be possible to plug USB memory sticks into the computer in the room.

Bottom line is please plan some flexibility into presentation options. Don’t assume you will be able to show a piece that demands minute particulars in terms of its technical environment. We’ll do our best, but it’s not our room, it’s not our tech, and we can’t promise .

Please sign-up in the Comments, below, so we have a working list of authors.

11 Responses to “Sign-Up for Open Mic/Mouse”

  1. Matt Says:

    Just testing . . .

  2. Nick Montfort Says:

    Add me to the list! Me too!

  3. Mark Marino Says:

    Mark Marino to read from “a show of hands.”

  4. Stephanie Strickland Says:

    Okay, trying this again–

    I’d like to present slippingglimpse for 10 minutes if that’s okay

    You will have a live Web connection, you say, in the room? Latest Flash plug-in on the PC and also IE browser on it?


  5. ELO May at MITH (2-3 May 2007) at WRT: Writer Response Theory Says:

    […] conference, artists will participate in the open mic/open mouse. The blog for the conference offers the most up-to-date list of presenters. I will read from my work-in-progress, “a show of hands.” In a final move towards the […]

  6. Scott Rettberg Says:

    I’ll subject you to something old. Pieces of Kind of Blue.

  7. Laura Borr´┐Ż s Says:

    I would also like to have 10 min to show a piece of digital literature that we made in Catalan to be able to teach Digital Literature as a subject of our university for Catalan students at Barcelona.