Wiki Notes from the International Panel

Via Mark Marino.

More Photos

Another excellent Flickr set, courtesy of Jason DeVinney.

And another, from Laura Borras.

And some ephemera, from William Wend.

First Photos

Open Mic and Mouse

Open Mic and Mouse. Photo by Rob Kendall.

And a Flickr set here.

More soon . . .


It’s all over, look for a more detailed write-up (and lots of photos) soon. In the meantime, I just wanted to leave a public record of appreciation for everyone who worked to help make the event so successful, especially helen DeVinney, Cindy Woo, Greg Lord, Doug Reside, Neil Fraistat, James Chagetas, and Tricia Ready. Thanks also to Walter Woo, Emily Adamo, and Jason DeVinney.

My deep gratitude and appreciation as well to all of the speakers and attendees for making the trip, some of them from very far away indeed. From my perspective it was an extremely rewarding event to be a part of, and I hope that others feel the same.

Again, watch this space for follow-up . . .


Registration Closed

Registration for the symposium is now closed, as the room is at capacity.

We look forward to seeing everyone very soon!

Holiday Inn — rate increase for new reservations

This is just to let you know that if you have not made your reservation at the Holiday Inn, College Park, you will no longer be able to get the $89 rate. Rooms at that rate are no longer available, and the hotel has increased its prices as well. The new flat rate is $159 — be sure to ask for the U. of MD rate, which is now $143.10. If you have further questions about this, please contact helen DeVinney.

Registered Attendees

Confirmed attendees include:

  • Joan Elies Adell Pitarch (University of Catalonia)
  • Rafael C Alvarado (Dickinson College)
  • Sandy A Baldwin (West Virginia University)
  • Beth Alvarez (University of Maryland)
  • Peter C Armenti (Library of Congress)
  • Barbara Ashbrook (National Endowment for the Humanities)
  • Jonathan Auerbach (University of Maryland)
  • Ivy Barkakati (University of Maryland)
  • Ann F Bayliss (University of Maryland)
  • Jamie Skye Bianco (Queens College)
  • Bill Bly (Independent Writer and Scholar)
  • Michelle Boswell (University of Maryland)
  • Brooke A Bull (University of Maryland)
  • Helen J Burgess (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
  • Bridget A Burns (University of Maryland)
  • Joseph E Byrne (University of Maryland)
  • Yvonne A Carignan (University of Maryland)
  • Michael Carroll (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Amy L Cavanaugh
  • James G Chagetas (University of Maryland)
  • Tanya E Clement (University of Maryland)
  • Theresa Coletti (University of Maryland)
  • Merle A Collins (University of Maryland)
  • Anthony D Conto (University of Maryland)
  • Allison M Denny
  • helen DeVinney (University of Maryland)
  • Robin M Dixon
  • Trudy Downs
  • Elizabeth Dulabahn (Library of Congress)
  • Mary K Dzurinko (MK Dzurinko Associates)
  • Caroline M Eades (University of Maryland)
  • Catherine Eisenhower (Gelman Library)
  • Maura E Elford (University of Maryland)
  • Kippi Fagerlund (University of Maryland)
  • Jerry A Fails (University of Maryland)
  • Robert P Fletcher (West Chester University)
  • Leonardo Flores (University of Maryland)
  • Michael L Forstrom (Yale University)
  • Bertrand Gervais (University of Quebec at Montreal)
  • Belle Gironda
  • Dene Grigar (University of Washington, Vancouver)
  • Juan B Gutierrez (Florida State University)
  • Timothy Hackman (University of Maryland)
  • Karla L Hahn (Association of Research Libraries)
  • Ann M Hanlon (University of Maryland)
  • N. Katherine Hayles (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Catherine Hays Zabriskie (University of Maryland)
  • Patricia J Herron (University of Maryland)
  • LaToya L Hinton (University of Maryland)
  • Chenwen Hong (University of Maryland)
  • Jennifer L Howard (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • Sheila S Intner (Mount Holyoke College)
  • Andrea C Japzon (Drexel University)
  • Gretchen I Jones (University of Maryland)
  • Kenneth D Keiser (University of Maryland)
  • Robert I Kendall (Word Circuits)
  • Matthew Kirschenbaum (University of Maryland)
  • Christopher A Klimas (University of Maryland)
  • Kari Kraus (University of Maryland)
  • Henrike Lehnguth (University of Maryland)
  • Garrison W LeMasters (Georgetown University)
  • Elizabeth B Loizeaux (University of Maryland)
  • Vanessa Lopes (University of Maryland)
  • Gregory P Lord (University of Maryland)
  • Yelena Luckert (University of Maryland)
  • Mirona Magearu (University of Maryland)
  • Raymond J Malewitz (University of Virginia)
  • Mark C Marino (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
  • Alan Mattlage (University of Maryland)
  • Kathleen McGlaughlin (NASA)
  • Silvia Mejia (University of Maryland)
  • David M Meurer (York University, Toronto)
  • Ellen Moll (University of Maryland)
  • Nick Montfort (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Molly E Moran (Georgetown University)
  • Stuart A Moulthrop (University of Baltimore)
  • Mateo Munoz (University of Maryland)
  • Kate Murray (University of Maryland)
  • John T Murray (University of Maryland)
  • Zita C Nunes (University of Maryland)
  • Randy J Ontiveros (Univerity of Maryland)
  • Krista M Park (University of Maryland)
  • David Parry (University at Albany)
  • Heleni M Pedersoli (University of Maryland)
  • Joan-Elies Adell Pitarch (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
  • Eli Pousson (University of Maryland)
  • Natalie V Prizel (University of Maryland)
  • Michael O Quilligan (University of Maryland)
  • Patricia B Ready (University of Maryland)
  • Scott R Rettberg (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • David R Rettenmaier (University of Maryland)
  • Jason C Rhody (University of Maryland)
  • Kim Roberts (Beltway Poetry Quarterly)
  • Marc N Ruppel (University of Maryland)
  • Perla B Sasson-Henry ( US Naval Academy)
  • Johnna M Schmidt (University of Maryland)
  • Stephanie Schmitz (University of Maryland)
  • Kenneth W Sherwood (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Lisa A Sibbett (University of Maryland)
  • Shannon N Simmons (University of Maryland)
  • Lesley M Smith (George Mason University)
  • Jennifer J Sterling (University of Maryland)
  • Jennifer S Stevens (George Mason University)
  • Stephanie Strickland (Sarah Lawrence College)
  • Thom Swiss (University of Minnesota)
  • Joseph P Tabbi (University of Chicago)
  • Thomas C Templeton (University of Maryland)
  • Evelyn Timberlake (Library of Congress)
  • Patricia Tomaszek (Siegen University, Germany)
  • Ana I Trapp (University of Maryland)
  • Hiewet Tsegay (University of Maryland)
  • Jill Walker (University of Bergen, Norway
  • Christina N Wall (University of Maryland)
  • Noah G Wardrip-Fruin (University of California, San Diego)
  • Emily Warn (Poetry
  • Jennifer J Wellman (University of Maryland)
  • William P Wend (Monmouth University)
  • Richard Werking (United States Naval Academy)
  • Marilyn D White (University of Maryland)
  • Brian Wingenroth (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Abby Yochelson (Library of Congress)
  • Jeffrey Young (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Sign-Up for Open Mic/Mouse

The Open Mic/Mouse on the evening of Wednesday, May2, is free and open to all. Everyone is welcome to take a turn at the mic and mouse–the only requirement is that you conceive of your work as “electronic literature” in some form.

Technology in the room will be a Windows machine, with accompanying projection and sound capabilities (and an internet connection).

We have no control over the software installaion, but you can assume a current generation Web browser, probably Firefox. You cannot necessarily assume the presence of particular plug-ins.

An altnerative will be to swap your own laptop into the room’s projection system. Doing that is easier for works without sound than those with sound (which require a separate set of cables to connect to the sound system in the room). It should be possible to plug USB memory sticks into the computer in the room.

Bottom line is please plan some flexibility into presentation options. Don’t assume you will be able to show a piece that demands minute particulars in terms of its technical environment. We’ll do our best, but it’s not our room, it’s not our tech, and we can’t promise .

Please sign-up in the Comments, below, so we have a working list of authors.

Registered Attendees List Now Available

You can now see the list of who has registered for the MITH/ELO Symposium here. If you don’t see your name, make sure you complete the registration form to reserve your space! Please note: the registered attendees list will be updated every few days. If you would like to make a change to how your name or affiliation appears in the attendee list, please email helen DeVinney .

For ELO Board Members: Meeting Reminder

A reminder to ELO Board members that the Directors’ meeting will be held Friday, May 4, 9:30-12:30 at MITH. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.