Re-formations of a Maske gratefully acknowledges the following institutions and individuals:

Photographic facsimiles of the Bridgewater manuscript, the Trinity manuscript, the pages from the 1637 print edition, and the manuscript pages for the Henry Lawes songs were reproduced from Harris Fletcher's edition of John Milton: Complete Poetical Works Reproduced in Photographic Facsimiles, published by the University of Illinois Press (1943). Additionally, the Henry Lawes manuscript pages, British Library manuscript 11518, are reproduced by permission of the British Library; the British Library retains copyright for these images and any further reproduction is prohibited.

"Reformations of a Maske" attempts to represent the Bridgewater and Trinity manuscripts and the 1637 edition as faithfully as the hypertext format allows in its transcriptions of these texts. We would like to acknowledge the invaluable scholarship in this area of Dr. S. E. Sprott, whose original transcriptions of the Bridgewater and Trinity manuscripts and the 1637 print edition are available in Dr. Sprott's John Milton: "A Maske," the Earlier Versions, published by the University of Toronto Press (1973). Dr. Sprott's transcriptions provided essential direction and clarification, by his permission, for the transcriptions of the texts which are represented on Re-formations of a Maske. Dr. Sprott retains copyright for his transcriptions.

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