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U. of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago faculty members talk about medical matters of concern. This prog.: Epilepsy: Is there a problem? Dr. Louis Boshes

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1968-08-27Hearing Loss in Children00:25:09
1968-07-01Juvenile Amputees00:24:33
1968-07-01Problems of Older People00:24:43
1968-07-01Skin Tumors - Skin Cancer00:24:47
1968-07-01Parkinson's Disease00:24:48
1968-07-01Food Poisoning00:24:37
Aging; Amputees; Breast--Cancer; Cancer; Catastrophic illness; Children; Children & Families; Chronic diseases; Deafness; Dermatology; Diseases; Education; Epilepsy; Food Poisoning; Food habits; Generative organs--Female; Gums--Diseases; Health; Hearing impaired children; History of Education; Medicine; Medicine & Health Care; Neurology; Nutrition; Parkinson's Disease; Pedodontics; Peptic Ulcers; Periodontics; Skin--Cancer; Teeth--Diseases; Women; Women's History; Youth
U. of Illinois Medical
Blomquist, Conrad; Boshes, Louis D., 1908-; Jeffay, Henry, M.D.; Lambert, Claude N., M.D.; Marcus, Richard E., M.D.; Mengert, William F. (William Felix), 1899-; Ore, Donald, M.D.; Ostfeld, Adrian, M.D.; Porter, Sigmund, M.D.; Solomon, Lawrence Marvin, 1931-2014; Tenta, Louis T.; Thorek, Philip
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