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Folk music series hosted by musician Barre Toelken, who collects folk songs and has worked as a dance band musician, a Forest Service employee, and prospector.

Available Episodes

1960-11-18Odds and ends00:14:14
1960-11-10Sea songs00:14:07
1960-11-10Railroad songs and ballads00:14:13
1960-10-31Love songs00:14:20
1960-10-31Around the world00:14:26
1960-10-17Wide world singers00:14:30
1960-10-17More wide world singers00:14:30
1960-10-03Chain gang and work songs00:14:25
1960-09-19Bums and vagrants00:14:28
1960-09-19Mormon songs00:14:34
1960-09-05Nonsense songs00:14:34
1960-09-05Songs of loggers and miners00:14:34
1960-08-22Songs of the cowboys00:14:29
1960-08-08Songs of the settlers00:14:31
1960-08-08Tragic hero in balladry00:14:30
1960-07-25Early American folk songs00:14:30
1960-07-25Tough men00:14:30
1960-07-11Riddle ballads00:14:17
1960-07-11Bad women00:14:25
1960-06-26Ballads in transition00:14:15
1960-06-12English ballads III00:13:46
1960-06-12English ballads IV00:14:20
1960-05-29English ballads I00:14:17
1960-05-29English ballads II00:14:20
Adultery; African American History; African Americans--Music; Amish--Music; Ballads; Ballads, Denmark; Ballads, English; Ballads, English--England--History and criticism; Ballads, English--United States; Ballads, German; Ballads, Hungarian; Ballads, India; Ballads, Japanese; Blues (Music)--History and criticism; Blues (Music)--Louisiana--New Orleans; Blues musicians--United States; Chain gangs--Songs and music; Children's songs--United States; Composition (Music); Death in art; Folk songs; Folk songs--United States; Hawaii--Songs and music; Loggers; Love songs--History and criticism; Miners; Music; Railroads--Songs and music; Sailors--United States; Sea songs--History and criticism; Sea songs--United States; The Asia-Pacific; U.S. Literature; Wit and humor; Work songs--United States
Toelken, Barre, 1935-; Washington State University
Music; Music talk
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