All Programs / The music of Don Gillis

This series features the works of Don Gillis; hosted by the composer himself. Most of the performances are conducted by the composer.

Available Episodes

1964-12-03The composer's favorites00:29:05
1964-11-25Music for concert band00:29:10
1964-11-05Works with soloists00:29:04
1964-10-29Symphony No. 5 and more00:29:22
1964-10-23Three symphonic movements00:29:06
1964-10-15Christmas special, part one00:29:02
1964-10-13Music for marching band00:29:01
1964-10-09The libretto, Part 200:29:07
1964-09-29The libretto, Part 100:29:09
1964-09-22Thomas Wolfe, American00:29:20
1964-09-03Additional selections00:29:25
1964-08-25Various selections00:29:34
1964-08-17Pops potpourri00:29:30
1964-08-07Two compositions for band00:29:30
1964-07-28Inspiration of jazz00:29:34
1964-07-22Symphony No. 700:29:30
1964-07-17The Land of Wheat00:29:32
1964-06-29The Alamo and Tulsa00:29:26
1964-06-26Compositions for bands00:29:26
1964-06-18Ranch House Party and more00:29:35