All Programs / The Music of Don Gillis II

This series features the works of Don Gillis; hosted by the composer himself. Most of the performances are conducted by the composer.

Available Episodes

1964-05-12Paul Bunyan and more00:29:35
1964-05-12Program 17 of 2600:29:35
1964-05-12The Mighty Mac00:29:35
1964-05-12Bandstand in the park00:29:35
1964-05-12Cracker Barrel00:29:35
1964-05-12Strictly for Strads00:29:35
1964-05-12Symphony No. 6 and more00:29:35
1964-05-12Seven Golden Texts and more00:29:35
1964-05-12In Memoriam00:29:35
1964-05-12Waltz of Sorts and more00:29:35
1964-05-12Joyful and Triumphant00:29:35
1964-05-12Program 16 of 2600:29:35
1964-05-12Lone Star and more00:29:35
1964-05-12Bing, Bang, Bong00:29:35