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This series dramatizes the ideas of Thomas Jefferson, which are "the enduring possessions of all Americans and all free peoples," while being "authentic in historical spirit" and "imaginative in form."
Church and state; Constitutions--United States; Early U.S. History; Emigration and immigration; Founding Fathers of the United States; France; France--History--18th century; Freedom of religion; Freedom of the press; God; History of Law; Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826; Labor; Monticello (Va); Revolutions; Science; Science & Technology; Statutes--United States; Trials; U.S. Regions: The South; United States--History--1783-1865; United States--Politics and government--1783-1809; University of Virginia; Washington, George, 1732-1799
Geiger, Milton; Mindel, Joseph; National Association of Educational Broadcasters; Papp, Frank, 1909-1996; Probst, George E.; Rains, Claude, 1889-1967; Wishengrad, Morton, 1913-1963
Glazer, Tom; Malone, Dumas, 1892-1986; Rains, Claude, 1889-1967; Solinsky, Vladimir
Docudrama; History
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