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Documentary series on urban conditions for residents of the Inner Core of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This prog.: Mass Media and Urban Turbulence. Singer Buchanan of Eastern Michigan U. and Prof. Stanley Donner, U. of Texas.

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1968-11-27Let's Look at Prejudice00:30:02
1968-11-18Employment and Leadership00:22:54
1968-11-07Shopping in the Inner City00:28:42
1968-10-24Our Neighbor: The Rat00:28:37
1968-10-16A House to Live In00:28:29
1968-10-03Social Programs00:27:44
1968-09-30Adjustment for Teens00:25:38
1968-09-17To Be a Man00:29:48
1968-09-01Part 1 of 4, reel 200:25:42
1968-09-01Part 1 of 4, reel 100:27:14
African American History; African American leadership; African Americans; African Americans--Employment; Apartment dwellers; Children; Children & Families; Community-based social services; Credit; Crime; Education; Employment; Families, Black; Food security; Grocery shopping; History of Education; History of Law; Home economics; Housing; Inner cities; Mass media; Matriarchy; Milwaukee (Wis.); Pests; Police; Police brutality--United States; Prejudices--United States; Public housing--United States; Public welfare; Public welfare--United States; Racism--United States; Rats; Sociology; Swindlers and swindling; Teenagers; U.S. Government; United States--Race relations; Urban high schools; Urban renewal; Urban schools; Urban youth; Wisconsin; Youth
University of Wisconsin; WHA (Radio station : Madison, Wis.)
Artisan, Richard E.; Chancer, David; Erickson, Geneva; Givings, James-Gaylord; Johnson, Ralph; Rice, Barbara; Scott, Wesley L.
Public affairs
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