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This series presents lectures given at University of Chicago, focusing on the nature of human beings, their place in the universe, and their potentialities. The lectures were also published in The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, beginning in September 1965.

Available Episodes

1965-10-07Clifford Geertz, part 200:29:19
1965-10-07Clifford Geertz, part 100:29:58
1965-10-07James M. Redfield, part 200:29:14
1965-10-07James M. Redfield, part 100:29:35
1965-10-01Roger W. Sperry, part 100:29:40
1965-10-01Roger W. Sperry, part 200:30:00
1965-09-13George Wald, part 200:29:54
1965-09-13George Wald, part 100:29:37
1965-07-21Willard F. Libby, part 200:12:02
1965-07-21Willard F. Libby, part 100:26:54
Geophysics; Human behavior; Human beings; Human beings--Philosophy; Lectures and lecturing--United States; Neurosciences; Philosophy & Ethics; Psychology & Mental Health; Science; Science & Technology; Social evolution; Sociology
University of Chicago
Geertz, Clifford; Libby, Willard F.; Price, Derek J. de Solla (Derek John de Solla), 1922-1983; Redfield, James M., 1935-; Sperry, Roger, 1913-1994; Wald, George, 1906-1997
Educational; Science; Speech
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