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Documentary series on the American cowboy, produced by the University of Texas.

Available Episodes

1961-12-08The cowboy's likeness00:14:32
1961-11-19Pilots of plain and pass00:14:20
1961-11-19Tongue loose and fancy free00:14:01
1961-10-29Petticoats on the plain00:13:52
1961-10-29Laughter, loud and lonely00:13:52
1961-10-14Get up, guns, and gear00:14:23
1961-10-03The cowboy comes to town00:14:17
1961-10-03Half horse, half human00:14:20
1961-09-21Ranch and range00:14:32
1961-09-21Cowboy on the trail00:14:28
1961-08-11Suited to his time00:14:01
1961-08-11Fiction, fancy, and fact00:14:31
1961-08-01Promo collection00:30:00