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A documentary series about the history, culture and contemporary problems of the Sioux, a Native American tribe.

Available Episodes

1967-05-08ICAP: A key to the future?00:30:12
1967-04-21Sioux legal systems00:29:05
1967-03-31The Indian in college00:28:35
1967-03-20The Sioux philosophy00:30:00
1967-03-14Patterns of Sioux religion00:27:50
1967-02-28Elements of Sioux art00:29:00
1967-02-21Sioux dances and music00:28:52
1967-02-08Contemporary Sioux history00:29:05
1967-02-03Legendary Sioux history00:28:20
Dakota Indians; Dakota Indians--History; Dakota Indians--Legal status, laws, etc; Dakota Indians--Politics and government; Dakota Indians--Religion; Dakota Indians--Social life and customs; Dakota art; Dakota dance; Education; History of Education; Indians of North America; Indians of North America--Economic conditions; Native American History
Diamond, Arlen; University of South Dakota
Howe, Oscar, 1915-1983; Red Cloud, Edgar
Documentary; History
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