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A first-hand account of the founding of the United States, described through the correspondence of John and Abigail Adams.

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1968-02-20The great declaration00:29:38
1968-02-12A torrent for independence00:29:34
1968-02-02I give you joy of Boston00:28:24
1968-01-30A new Chief Justice00:28:17
1968-01-23Olive branch of peace00:29:41
1968-01-11Battle of Bunker Hill00:27:47
1967-12-27Of mobs and plots00:29:31
1967-12-19Shall I creep or fly?00:28:52
1967-12-18Tea, that bainful weed00:29:13
1967-11-22Diana and Lysander00:29:50