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This series focuses on current news stories that relate to the law.

Available Episodes

1969-07-01Product safety00:04:20
1969-06-03Law in the news #41600:05:03
1969-05-27Law in the news #41500:05:03
1969-05-20Marriage and divorce00:05:02
1969-05-06Psychiatric testimony00:04:55
1969-05-06Federal Trade Commission00:04:56
1969-04-22Legal arrest procedures00:04:58
1969-04-08Consumer protection00:05:02
1969-04-07Academic freedom00:04:52
1969-03-24Uniform consumer codes00:05:01
1969-03-04The Trouble With Lawyers00:05:05
1969-02-24Lawyers and legal ethics00:04:59
1969-02-11Constitutional law00:04:51
1969-01-29Art values and the law00:05:05
1969-01-29Art world and the law00:05:14
1969-01-23Churches and the law00:05:37
1968-12-24Credit and the law00:05:03
1968-12-16Student protest and the law00:05:25