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Moderated by Wallace Fanning, this series presents a panel of guests discussing a variety of topics. The radio series launched in 1946. It also later aired on WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C. These programs aired 1968-69.

Available Episodes

1969-06-28The scientist and ethics00:30:05
1969-06-21Writers' conference00:29:40
1969-05-23A bench view of crime00:29:22
1969-05-16Drug addiction and crime00:29:10
1969-05-09The law, the individual00:27:34
1969-05-02Latin America: New left00:29:17
1969-04-28World money outlook00:29:02
1969-04-21Soviet Jews' plight00:29:24
1969-04-03Kidneys, lives, dollars00:29:28
1969-03-25Atlantic community00:29:19
1969-03-17Latin America nationalism00:29:21
1969-03-06U.S. foreign investments00:29:24
1969-03-03Federal funds to militants00:29:10
1969-02-20Developing the diplomat00:29:18
1969-02-10Peace Corps: New diplomacy00:28:09
1969-01-27As others see us00:29:23
1969-01-15European reporters on U.S.00:29:13
1969-01-03College students and draft00:28:49
1968-12-23The poor and food marketing00:29:00
1968-12-16Russian Revolution at sea00:29:18
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Fanning, Wallace; Georgetown University
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