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Lecture/debate series on aspects of the war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This prog.: Dr. Walter Judd, a former U.S. Congressman and delegate to the General Assembly of the United Nations; also a former medical missionary in mainland China.

Available Episodes

1968-07-01Dr. John Lewis, Part 200:28:48
1968-07-01David Halberstam, Part 100:29:50
1968-07-01David Halberstam, Part 200:30:14
1968-07-01Dr. Howard Zinn, Part 100:30:01
1968-07-01Dr. Walter Judd, Part 100:29:42
1968-07-01Dr. Walter Judd, Part 200:30:15
1968-07-01Tran Van Dinh, Part 100:29:48
1968-07-01Dr. John Lewis, Part 100:30:22
1968-07-01Dr. George M. Kahin, Part 100:29:59
1968-07-01Dr. George M. Kahin, Part 200:29:35
1968-07-01Dr. Howard Zinn, Part 200:29:42
1968-07-01Tran Van Dinh, Part 200:29:51
China--History--Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976; China--Military policy; Communism--China; Communism--Southeast Asia; McCarthy, Eugene J., 1916-2005; Political parties--United States; Politics and culture--United States; Presidents--Election; Propaganda; Symbolism in politics--United States; Tet Offensive, 1968; The Asia-Pacific; U.S. History (1900-present); U.S. Politics; United States--Armed Forces; United States--Politics and government--20th century; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; World Politics
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio); WMUB
Christenson, Reo Millard, 1918-; Evans, Rowland, 1921-2001; Halberstam, David; Hilsman, Roger; Judd, Walter H., 1898-1994; Kahin, George McTurnan; Lewis, John Wilson, 1930-2017; Novak, Robert D.; Salisbury, Harrison E. (Harrison Evans), 1908-1993; Scalapino, Robert A.; Taylor, Maxwell D. (Maxwell Davenport), 1901-1987; Tran, Van Dinh, 1923-; Williams, William Appleman; Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010
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