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Interview series on variety of science-related subjects, produced by the California Institute of Technology. Features three Cal Tech faculty members: Dr. Peter Lissaman, Dr. Albert R. Hibbs, and Dr. Robert Meghreblian.

Available Episodes

1968-05-09About astroelectronics00:29:20
1968-03-10About the Moon00:29:09
1968-03-10About vision00:29:58
1968-03-05About the new chemistry00:28:45
1968-02-28About fungi00:29:10
1968-02-15About science in Japan00:26:12
1968-01-31About superhot atmospheres00:29:06
1968-01-17About dissecting a star00:29:21
1968-01-08About the nature of life00:28:13
1967-12-26About Caltech's patents00:27:28
1967-10-09About metals00:28:29
1967-08-31About building a virus00:29:25
1967-08-22About arms control00:29:18
1967-08-22About continental drift00:28:06
1967-08-14About space exploration00:28:48
1967-08-04About quasi stellar objects00:28:07
1967-07-25About weather modification00:28:45
1967-07-25About computer languages00:30:08
1967-06-28About radio telescopes00:29:31
1967-06-15About the early universe00:28:48
1967-06-01About the Earth's mantle00:29:18
1967-05-17About thin shells00:28:42
1967-05-12About fallout00:27:32
1967-05-08About technology in India00:29:27
1967-05-03About elastic water00:29:27
1967-04-16About Africa00:29:35
1967-04-07About hydromagnetics00:29:30
1967-03-27About planetary atmospheres00:29:43
1967-03-20About exobiology00:29:32
1967-03-07About soil engineering00:29:15
1967-03-07About soil engineering00:29:15
1967-01-10About a man-made island00:28:20
1967-01-10About a man-made island00:28:20
1967-01-10About microquakes00:28:05
1966-12-21About solar winds00:28:40
1966-12-21About solar winds00:28:40
1966-12-14About plastics00:29:15
1966-12-14About plastics00:29:15
1966-12-14About meteorites00:29:37
1966-12-14About meteorites00:29:37
1966-11-21About Surveyor00:28:30
1966-11-10About color vision00:28:49
1966-11-10About color vision00:28:49
1966-11-02About sand dunes00:28:16
1966-11-02About sand dunes00:28:16
1966-10-10About seaweed00:27:59
1966-10-10About ocean pollution00:25:04
1966-10-10About life on Mars?00:28:28
1966-10-10About seaweed00:27:59
1966-10-10About ocean pollution00:25:04
1966-10-10About a gilded age?00:28:54
1966-09-29About the space program00:29:30
1966-09-19About comets00:29:29
1966-09-19About comets00:29:29
1966-08-12About airplanes00:29:08
Africa; Airplanes; Arms control; Atmospheric deposition; Bioengineering; Chemistry; Children & Families; Climate; Climatic change; Color vision; Comets; Computer science; Computers--History; Continental drift; Earthquakes; Ecology & the Environment; Exobiology; Family planning; Geology; History of Law; Marine pollution; Medicine & Health Care; Metals; Meteorites; Moon; Mycology; Outer space--Exploration; Patents; Planets--Atmospheres; Politics and government; Psychology & Mental Health; Reservoirs; Sand dunes; Science; Science & Technology; Science--Japan--History--20th century; Seaweed; Seismology; Soil mechanics; Solar wind; Stars; Travel & Leisure; U.S. Government; U.S. Politics; United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Virus diseases--Research--History; Viruses; Vision; War and Civil Defense; Weather; Zoology
California Institute of Technology; Hibbs, Albert R.; KPCC-FM (Radio station : Pasadena, Calif.); Lissaman, Peter B. S.; Meghreblian, Robert V. (Robert Vartan)
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