Victoria Woodhull is kept from voting, 1871.

Victorian Claflin Woodhull
September 23, 1838 - June 10, 1927
born Ohio
Part of a traveling medicine show when young, married at 15, 2 children, financial speculator with her sister Tennessee Claflin, broker, declared herself candidate for President of the US 1870, first woman to address Congressional committee urging woman suffrage 1871, battled Susan B. Anthony for suffrage leadership 1872, called "The Terrible Siren" and "Mrs. Satan" for advocating free love, published Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly which first published Communist Manifesto in America, exposed Beecher-Tilton affair and triggered reaction, jailed of obscenity, acquitted, married wealthy British banker and died in England.

Biographical information excerpted from Women Win the Vote distributed by The National Women's History Project, 7738 Bell Road, Windsor, California, 95492-8518. Graphic and text posted by permission NWHP, 1994.

(Note: The NWHP has moved and this address is no longer correct) Victoria Claflin Woodhull