Lucy Stone with Alice Stone Blackwell

Lucy Stone
August 13, 1818 - October 18, 1893
born Massachusetts
First Massachusetts woman to earn a college degree, taught and did housework while at Oberlin, William Lloyd Garrison wrote, "She is a very superior young woman, and has a soul as free as the air." Married Henry Blackwell, became known for keeping own name to protest restrictive marriage laws, 2 children, son died after birth, spoke for abolition and women's rights, organized own lectures, eloquent and sincere, led in calling the first national woman's rights convention at Worcester, MA 1850, converted Susan B. Anthony and Julia Ward Howe to suffrage, refused to pay taxes to protest lack of representaion, pressed for both Black and woman suffrage, founder of American Woman Suffrage Association 1869 and leading spirit in New England, published and edited influential weekly The Woman's Journal with husband and later daughter for 47 years, first person to be cremated in New England, dying words to daughter were, "Make the world better."

Alice Stone Blackwell
September 14, 1857 - March 15, 1950
born Orange, New Jersey
Daughter of Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell, "the child of the regiment," Boston University, leading suffrage writer and journalist, edited The Woman's Journal for 35 years, helped merge rival suffrage groups into National American Woman Suffrage Association 1890, became recording secretary, lectured, wrote mother's biography, translated Russian, Armenian, Yiddish and other oppressed peoples' poetry, supported LaFollette 1924 and Sacco and Vanzetti in her 60s, went blind, cheated by business agent, supported by friends, died at 98, "urged women to remain an autonomous moral force in politics."

Biographical information excerpted from Women Win the Vote distributed by The National Women's History Project, 7738 Bell Road, Windsor, California, 95492-8518. Graphic and text posted by permission NWHP, 1994.

(Note: The NWHP has moved and this address is no longer correct) Lucy Stone with Alice Stone Blackwell