Francis Ellen Watkins Harper
September 24, 1825 - February 22, 1911
born Baltimore, Maryland
Orphaned at 3, married, widowed after 4 years, daughter died young, early poet and well-known Black author, spoke out for abolition and women's rights, aided fugitive slaves, lectured for Maine Anti-Slavery Society, toured eastern states 1850s, after war lectured in South on temperance, Black morality, and against white racial violence, attended 1875 and 1887 suffrage conventions.

Biographical information excerpted from Women Win the Vote distributed by The National Women's History Project, 7738 Bell Road, Windsor, California, 95492-8518. Graphic and text posted by permission NWHP, 1994.

(Note: The NWHP has moved and this address is no longer correct) Francis E. W. Harper