Carrie Chapman Catt is congratulated in New York after ratification, 1920.

Carrie Lane Chapman Catt
January 9, 1859 - March 9, 1947
born Ripon, Wisconsin
Iowa State College, teacher, school superintendent, journalist, lecturer, widowed at 26 after 1 year, married civil engineer George Catt 1890, left financially independent when he died 1905, field organizer with Susan B. Anthony, reorganized National American Woman Suffrage Association to be more political 1890, fundraiser, planner, administrator, led New York campaigns, national and international organizations, her secret "Winning Plan" combined state and federal work and unified mainline movement 1916, pacifist, lobbied Woodrow Wilson, opposed militants, organized successful 14-month campaign for ratification, founded League of Women Voters, worked for world peace.

"It is to Mrs. Catt more than to any other single figure besides Susan B. Anthony that American women owe their right to vote." -Eleanor Flexner, Notable American Women

Biographical information excerpted from Women Win the Vote distributed by The National Women's History Project, 7738 Bell Road, Windsor, California, 95492-8518. Graphic and text posted by permission NWHP, 1994.

(Note: The NWHP has moved and this address is no longer correct) Carrie Lane Chapman Catt