Seadragon and Djatoka

In an earlier post, I suggested that it might be cool to link the open source version of Microsoft’s Seadragon to Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Jpeg2000 server, Djatoka.  Since that post, the folks at OpenSeadragon cleaned up a lot of the JavaScript  making it much easier to do this.  I’ve essentially just rewritten the “get tile url” function so that it loads the tile dynamically from Djatoka rather than from a static file.  There’s a bit of wacky math because of the odd shapes of the tiles and the way Djatoka processes tile size, but nothing too crazy.  The code is at github and I’ve put up a demo on this server.

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  1. Rebecca
    Posted May 6, 2011 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Neat idea. We’re already using Djatoka with the Fedora-Commons repository; it would be pretty slick to combine that with OpenSeadragon or something like it. I’ve just spent a few minutes playing with your demo code, and with some minor tweaks, I have a rough proof-of-concept that uses your demo and works with one of my Fedora image objects, making the djatoka calls through the Fedora disseminator.