Day One: Thursday, February 21

Sessions will be held in McKeldin Library Special Events Room (6137)

8:30-9:00— Coffee and Registration

9:00-9:15— Welcome

9:15-10:00— Keynote: Sally Bedell Smith

10:00-10:30— “Hardware and soft skills: surveying scientific personal papers in the digital age,” Jenny Shaw (video)

10:30—11:00— “Engaging users with personal archives through gamification,” Sudheendra Hangal and Monica S. Lam

11:00-11:15— Break

11:15-11:45— “Connecting Local & Family History with Personal Digital Archiving: Findings from Studies in Four Midwestern Public Libraries,” Noah Lenstra

11:45-12:15— “Passionate About History and the Making of History: in Situ Dialogues with Artists and their Assistants about Studio Archives,” Heather Gendron

12:15-1:30— Lunch (Banneker Room, Stamp Student Union, 2nd Floor)

1:30-2:15— Lightning Talks I

“The Library of Congress Personal Digital Archiving Videos,” Mike Ashenfelder

“Collect Yourself: Data Storage Centers as the Archive’s Underbelly,” Mél Hogan (presentation)

“Achievements as Personal Archives of Memory and Experience in Open World Video Games,” Nigel Lepianka

“Personal Artifacting,” Jan Emery

2:15-2:45— “The Many Faces of the Fat Man: A Case Study of a Multi-Faceted Personal Digital Archive,” Zach Vowell

2:45-3:15— “Scholarly workflow and personal digital archiving”, Smiljana Antonijevic and Ellysa Stern Cahoy

3:15-3:30— Break

3:30-4:00— “Providing Access to Email Archives for Historical Research,” Sudheendra Hangal, Sit Manovit, Peter Chan, and Monica S. Lam

4:00-4:30— “Narrative Searching Through a Scholar’s Email Archive,” Jason Matthew Zalinger and Nathan G. Freier

The Poster Session will be held at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), 0301 Hornbake Library, lower level.

4:45-5:00— Poster Previews

5:00-6:30— Poster Session

 ”Workflow as Work-In-Progress,” Moryma Aydelott

“A DIY Guide for Digital Preservation,” Erika Farr and Dorothy Waugh

“Improving Institutional Repository Usage by means of Personal Repositories,” James C. French, Allison L. Powell, Benjamin S. Hadden, Thien-Huong (Emily) Tran, and Kelly Croswell

“Where in the clouds? An Exploration of Cloud Storage, Personal Archiving, and Place,” Gloria Gonzalez

“Timebox: Helping you preserve your digital history for yourself and posterity,” Mary Ellen Heinen and Len Kawell

“Making Enterprise-Level Archive Tools Accessible for Personal Web Archiving Using XAMPP,” Mat Kelly, Michele C. Weigle, and Michael L. Nelson

“Copyright Conundrums for Your Personal Digital Archives,” Stephen Marvin

“The BitCurator Environment: Using Digital Forensics Tools for Born-Digital Curation,” Porter Olsen and Alex Chassanoff

“Content, Context, Containers: Problems Preserving A Decade Old Blog,” Brian Rogers

“A Survey of Research Prospects for More Manageable Personal Digital Photo Collections,” Nicholas Taylor

“Preserving Personal Digital Files,” Sarah Wingo

“The Persistence of Personal Correspondence and Its Organizational Features: From Traditional Mail to Electronic Mail,” Jane Zhang

Dinner on your own: UMD Dining Guide.

We invite you to join us for the Digital Cultural Heritage DC Meetup

Day Two: Friday, February 22

Sessions will be held in McKeldin Library Special Events Room (6137)

8:30-9:00— Coffee

9:00-9:45— Keynote: George A. Sanger, a.k.a. “The Fat Man”

9:45-10:00— Break

10:00-10:30— “Collaborating to Improve and Protect Born-Digital Acquisitions,” Megan Barnard and Gabriela Redwine

10:30-11:00— “All Your Bits Aren’t Belong To Us: Opportunities and Challenges of Personally Revealing Information in Digital Collections,” Matt Kirschenbaum, Cal Lee, Naomi Nelson, and Kam Woods

11:00-11:30— “Public Displays of Affection: Digital Zine Archives and the Labor of Love,” Melissa Rogers

11:30-12:00— “Protecting the Personal Narrative: An Assessment of Archival Practice’s Place in Personal Digital Archiving,” Seth Anderson

12:00-1:30— Lunch  (Banneker Room, Stamp Student Union, 2nd Floor)

1:30-2:00— Lightning Talks II

“We’ve Thought Globally, Now Let’s Act Locally,” Erin Engle

“Memories Lost & Found: How Digital Memories Can Help Those With Alzheimers and Their Caregivers,” Philip von Stade

“The virtual presence of others and the presentation of self in personal digital archives,” Sarah Kim

2:00-2:30— “Law and Society: Current Advances in the Digital Afterlife,” Evan Carroll

2:30-2:45— Break

2:45-3:15— “Projections of Life: Prewar Jewish Life on Film,” Leslie Swift and Lindsay Zarwell

3:15-4:00— Wrap-up & Discussion