Martha Nell Smith

Invited Talks

Roundtable on Electronic Editing. Session organized by Poetry Executive Division, Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, San Francisco, December 2008

"Digitally Yours, or Dwelling in the Possibilities of Dynamic Editing" for "Editorial Futures" Panel organized by Literary Research Division, MLA Convention, San Francisco, December 2008

"Dickinson's Confederate Relations," Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for Collaboration in the Arts and the English Department, University of Houston, October 22, 2008

"Agora.Techno.Phobia.Philia2: Feminist Critical Inquiry, Knowledge Building, Digital Humanities." Panel Organizer and Presenter, Digital Humanities 2008, University of Oulu, Finland, June 25-29

"Epistolary Dickinson, or Audience as a Writing Technology," American Literature Association (ALA), San Francisco, May 2008

"From Digital Humanities 1.0 to Humanities 2.0: Digital Scholarship in the University Tenure and Promotion Process," Sixth Scholarly Communication Symposium, Georgetown University, March 26, 2008

"The Human Touch, Software of the Highest Order," Keynote Address, Humanities 2.0: A Conference in the Digital Humanities, University of Texas Arlington, February 28-29, 2008.

"Arkhe: Commencement, Commandment, Possibility as Place" for Society for Textual Scholarship (STS) "Archive Trouble" Panel, Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, Chicago, December 2007

"Dickinson in Japan during the Post-World War II Occupation," Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS) Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 3-5 August 2007

"The Foundations and the Futures of Digital Humanities," Plenary Roundtable, HASTAC International Conference, Duke University, April 19-21, 2007.

"Back to the Future: Teaching Manuscripts to Undergraduates," Pedagogy and Textual Studies Roundtable, STS, New York, March 2007

Chair, "Queer Editing," Society for Textual Scholarship (STS), New York, March 2007

"Multiply and Contradictorily Authoritative: Democratizing Editorial Methods and Rigor," STS, New York, March 2007

"Agora.Techno.Phobia.Philia: Gender, Knowledge Building, and Digital Media." Chair and presenter. Digital Humanities 2007, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"Wild Nights -- Wild Nights: Reflections on Dickinson's Legacy," featured speaker for Writers in Performance, sponsored by College of the Woodlands and Montgomery County Literary Arts Council, Conroe, Texas, December 7, 2006.

"Software of the Highest Order: Intellectual and Social Networks (the Human Touch)," Digital Textual Studies: Past, Present, and Future. Texas A & M University, October 19-21, 2006.

"'The Imperative of Intimacy': A Rumination Beginning with a Phrase by Ostriker," Women, Poetry, and Politics: a Conference in Honor of Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, April 2006.

"On Producing Emily Dickinson's Correspondences," Creating Digital Documentary and Critical Editions Conference, Rotunda, University of Virginia Press, May 2005.

"Poetry. Media. Dickinson & Co.: A User's Guide," Rutgers Seminar in the History of the Book, Rutgers University, March 2005.

"Martha Dickinson Bianchi: Poet, Novelist, Pianist, Editor. . .Niece," Amherst College & Emily Dickinson Museum, October 2004.

"New Media and New Developments in the United States," Calgary University, Canada, October 2004.

"Surveying Our Divides, Discerning New Directions in Digital Humanities," Plenary Address, Textologies Workshop, McMaster University, Canada, October 2004.

"That Never Told CAN Be: May Swenson's Manuscript Witnesses," Plenary for May Swenson Symposium, Utah State University, June 2004.

"Making Transparent the Process of Constructing Knowledge for Intellectual Rigor,"Plenary address for Technology, Learning, and Intellectual Development: The Network for Academic Renewal Conference, Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U), Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 31-November 1, 2003

"Building Communities and Knowledge through e-Collaboration," Plenary address for faculty of Empire State College, Saratoga, New York, October 30, 2003.

"Evolutions of Electronic Publishing: Dickinson, a User's Guide," Seminars of Electronic Editing, Royal Academy in Gent and University of Antwerp, Belgium, May 2003.

"Dickinson: A User's Guide," The John D.M. Brown Lecture XVI, plus afternoon seminar for Literature and Sexuality honors seminar, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania, April 2003.

"Dickinson: A User's Guide," Lecture to the College, plus day-long seminar for students and faculty on computing and vital changes to humanities research, teaching, and publication, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, November 2002.

"Computing — What have the Humanities to do with IT?" Humanities Center, University of Nebraska, November 15, 2001.

"MITH, Digital Studies, and New Directions in Humanities Scholarship," Humanities Forum Lecture Series, Center for the Humanities, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, September 12, 2001.

"The Dickinson Electronic Archives Project as a Scholarly Edition." Colloquium on New Technology and the Future of Publishing. Strom Thurmond Institute, Clemson University, April 5, 2001.

"The Dickinson Electronic Archives Project," with Lara Vetter. A presentation to the Adriadne seminar investigating scholarly uses of information technology in the humanities at the Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities, Northwestern University, videoconferenced to the Franke Institute for the Humanities, University of Chicago, March 1, 2001.

"The Dickinson Electronic Archives Project: Evolutions of a Dynamic Edition." The Dutch Institute for Texteditions, Constantijn Huygens Institute and the University of Amsterdam. Royal Library, The Hague, December 8, 2000.

"Les omissions ne sont pas des accidents: ratures et cancellations dans les manuscrits d'Emily Dickinson." Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes (I.T.E.M.), Paris, June 2000.

"Omissions are not Accidents: Erasures & Cancellations in Emily Dickinson's Manuscripts." Washington Area Group for Print Culture Studies. Library of Congress, May 4, 2000.

Interview. Studio Tulsa with Rich Fisher. National Public Radio, KWGS 89.5. February 28, 2000.

"The Poetics of the Dickinson Electronic Archives and Beyond," University of Tulsa, February 2000; The Pennsylvania State University, December 2000.

"On the Dickinson Electronic Archives Project and MITH (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities)," University of California at Berkeley, November 1999.

"Titanic Operas: American Women's Poetry and Dickinson's Legacy," Inaugural Lecture of the Emily Dickinson Lectureship in American Poetry, The Pennsylvania State University, October 1999.

"Poetry and American Studies," University of Washington, Seattle, May 1999.

"Emily Dickinson's Muse & Confidante: Making Open Me Carefully," First Annual "At Home With Emily Dickinson" Spring Seminar, Dickinson Homestead, Amherst, April 1999.

Interview. "To the Best of Our Knowledge," Wisconsin Public Radio, December 20, 1998.

"Postcolonial Textualities: Editing Whitman and Dickinson in a Time of Transition" (with Prof. Kenneth M. Price); and "History and Prospects of the Dickinson Archives," Northwestern University, Evanston, May 1998.

"The Site & the CD-ROMs: Developing the Dickinson Electronic Archives," Emily Dickinson International Society Annual Meeting, Amherst, June 1997.

"TEI or ?: Making the Dickinson Electronic Archives," CHUG (Computers in the Humanities Users Group), Brown University, Providence, RI, March 1997.

"Corporealizations of Dickinson and Interpretive Machines," The Iconic Page in Manuscript, Print, and Digital Culture Conference, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, October 1996.

"The Screen & the Book: Developing a Hypermedia Archive of Dickinson's Writings and Twenty-First Century Reading Practices," invited lecture, College of William & Mary, March 1996.

Interview, Tirol AM PULS (Austrian National Radio), August 5, 1995.

"Interrogating Romantic Friendship and the Book of Susan in Emily Dickinson," invited lecture, Friday Forum, PhD Program in English, CUNY Graduate Center, September 1994.

"With the Exception of Shakespeare: The Importance of Susan Dickinson's Collaborations with Emily Dickinson," birthday lecture at the Dickinson Homestead, Amherst, December 1993.

"From Garth Brooks to CNN: Martina Navratilova and Televisual Tolerance," Looking Out/Looking Over: A Conference on Lesbian and Gay Male Film, University of California at Davis, May 1993.

"From Manuscript to Print Translation: Editorial Issues and Literary Studies," invited lecture, University of Illinois at Chicago, April 1991.

"Gender Issues in Archival Research & Editing," Women & Society Faculty Seminar at Columbia University, New York, May 1990 (invited lecture; Prof. Joan Scott, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, respondent).

"Response to Betsy Erkkila's 'Emily Dickinson and the Wicked Sisters': Toward a Theory of Female Influence," Penn Mid-Atlantic Seminar for the Study of Women in Society, Univ. of Pennsylvania, March 1988.

"Dickinson and Influence in American Women's Poetry," invited lecture sponsored by the Dept. of English and the Women's Studies Program, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, July 1987.

"Orthography? Calligraphy? Just What Word Do We Want Here?" Guest Lecture, Dickinson Graduate Seminar, Rutgers University, March 1987.

"The Life of the Text: The Publishing Saga of Emily Dickinson," Emily Dickinson-H.D. Dual Centennial Colloquium, San Jose Poetry Center, San Jose State University, October 1986.

"Epistolarity and Dickinson's First Person Singular," invited lecture, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts and the Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, January 1986.

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