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Chapters in Books

"Surveying Our Divides, Discerning New Directions in Digital Humanities" (7500 words), in Textologies, ed. Travis Kroeker (University of Toronto Press, 2008), forthcoming.

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Articles, Refereed & Invited

"Software of the Highest Order: Revisiting Editing as Interpretation" (6,000 words), Textual Cultures 2.1 (Spring 2007): 1-15.

"Surveying Our Divides, Discerning New Directions in Digital Humanities" (7500 words), in Textologies, an online journal, ed. Travis Kroeker, forthcoming.

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"'To Fill a Gap': What of Dickinson's Has Been Erased, Cut Away, & Disguised?" special Emily Dickinson/H.D. centennial issue, San Jose Studies 13 (Fall 1987): 3-25. (Winner of the Bill Casey Award for Best Contribution in 1987.)

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