The DISC website was a MITH Fellowship project of Rosemarie Garland-Thomson. Rosemarie is a renowned scholar in what is now a very established Disability Studies field, and the DISC project was an outgrowth of her very early work starting in the mid-90’s attempting to establish this as a legitimate academic field of study.  The DISC site was an international, interdisciplinary, user-generated, digital forum providing support, collegial networks, and information that sustains a disability studies academic community and promotes disability studies in a humanities focus. DISC was in part built by the disability studies community through crowdsourced contributions of information.

Site components included resources such as syllabi and speakers banks, a directory of scholars, publishing and job/grant opportunities, and directory of Disability Studies programs. It also included a searchable archive for the DS-HUM list serv, information on disability legislation, links to professional organizations, museums and exhibits.

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