This is the first stop on your way to mastering the essentials of data curation for the humanities. The Guide offers concise, expert introductions to key topics, including annotated links to important standards, articles, projects, and other resources.

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More about the DH Curation Guide

Data curation is an emerging problem for the humanities as both data and analytical practices become increasingly digital. Research groups working with cultural content as well as libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions are all in need of new expertise. This Guide is a first step to understanding the essentials of data curation for the humanities. The expert-written introductions to key topics include links to important standards, documentation, articles, and projects in the field, annotated with enough context from expert editors and the research community to indicate to newcomers how these resources might help them with data curation challenges.

A Community Resource

Intended to help students and those new to the field, the DH Curation Guide also provides a quick reference for teachers, administrators, and anyone seeking an orientation in the issues and practicalities of data curation.

As indicated by the name, this community resource guide is intended to be a living, participatory document. Readers are encouraged to review and comment on every part of this guide, to suggest additional resources, and to contribute to stub articles. Contributions from readers are incorporated at intervals to keep the Guide at the cutting edge. Read more about how to contribute

Browse, comment, contribute! The table of contents provides a road map to the Guide’s current topics and those to be added soon. Read more about this site