March 2-4, 2011

What is CorporaCamp?

CorporaCamp is the first Bamboo Corpora Space workshop. During the three-day event developers and scholars collaborated on a prototype scholarly application that works across three collections — TCP EEBO & ECCO, HathiTrust, and Perseus. CorporaCamp involved three connected efforts - designing and developing the user interface, building the application, and creating the architecture of the platform. A lot of preparation was done before the three days by members of the Corpora Space team to get started on the design of these three areas. The focus of this work was to begin realizing the goals of the Corpora Space design process and to raise key questions about scholarly research on large collections of digital texts.


  • Bridget Almas (Tufts)
  • Bruce Barton (Wisconsin)
  • Travis Brown (Maryland)
  • Tim Cole (Illinois)
  • Seth Denbo (Maryland)
  • Neil Fraistat (Maryland)
  • Bill Garr (Georgetown)
  • Peter Gorman (Wisconsin)
  • Kirsten Keister (Maryland)
  • Dave Lester (Maryland)
  • Martin Mueller (Northwestern)
  • Rob Pongsajapan (Georgetown)
  • Brian Pytlik Zillig (Nebraska)
  • Jim Smith (Maryland)
  • Robin Valenza (Wisconsin)
  • Richard Whaling (Chicago)