This original version of this site was created November 2000-February 2001, at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH). Its purpose was to showcase a larger project underway by Professor Mitchell Lifton—an interactive DVD of the productions discussed and sampled here.

All images found on this site are copyrighted by Professor Lifton and Jacqueline Yves Lifton, and may not be used without express written permission. The production credits were transcribed from the tapes of production by Mike Karkowsky and Chris Bowling. The footnotes for the Godot clip come from Knowlson & McMillan, eds. The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot pp. 159 & 160, while the note for the Krapp clip comes from Knowlson, James, The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett, V. III, Krapp's Last Tape, p. 37. The information in the abstracts on each page was gathered by Mike Karkowsky, from a consultation of several sources, listed here:

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