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Women's Studies

Feminist Theory
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* Advanced Feminist Theory (Kathleen Jones, San Diego State University, Spring 1993)
*Anarcha-Feminism (Audrey Vanderford, University of Oregon, Summer 2001)
* Cultural Studies and Feminist Theory (Wiener & Zwicker, Stanford University, Winter 1990)
* Feminist Critical Theory (Marilee Lindemann, University of Maryland, Fall 1994)
* Feminist Literary Theory (Pamela Banting, University of Western Ontario, 1992-1993)
* Feminist Theory (Sandra Gill, Gettysburg College, Spring 1992)
* Feminist Theory (Lynne Huffer, Yale University, date unknown)
* Feminist Theory (Christine Morton, University of California at Los Angeles, Spring 1992)
* Feminist Theory (Barbara Watson, San Diego State University, Fall 1993)
* Feminist Theories-Upper Division (Kari McBride, University of Arizona, Spring 1999)
* Feminist Theory and Philosophy of Science (Ronald Giere & Naomi Scheman, Spring 1992)
* Feminist Theory in the Borderlands (Linda Garber, Stanford University, Winter 1992-93)
* Foundations of Feminist Scholarship (Pat Huckle, San Diego State University, Fall 1998)
* History of Feminist Theories and Movements (Kari McBride, University of Arizona, Fall 1998)
* Varieties of Feminist Theory (Cynthia Deitch, George Washington University, Spring 1999)

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