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Women's Studies

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* Contemporary Women (Karin Mack, Mississippi State University, Fall 1995)
* Gender and Power (Gwen Moore, SUNY-Albany, Fall 1992)
* Gender and Social Policy (Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts) (Posted 12/99)
* Gender and Popular Culture (Nerissa S. Balce, San Francisco State University) (Posted 1/01)
* Sex Roles and Gender (Karin Mack, Mississippi State University, Fall 1995)
* Social Analysis of Difference (Rhoda Unger, Montclair State College, Spring 1992)
* Socialization of Women (Janet Kohen, San Diego State University, Spring 1993)
* Sociology of Gender (Joya Misra, University of Georgia, Fall 1994)
* Women and Leisure (Willa Brooks, Community College of Baltimore County, Fall 2003)
* Sociology of Health and Medicine (Lynn Schlesinger, SUNY-Plattsburgh, Spring 1992)
* Women and Popular Culture: bad girls, cyberchicks and postfeminists in US Popular Culture (sydney eve matrix, University of Minnesota 2000)
* Women, Culture, and Society (Betsy Keller, Rutgers University, Fall 1999)

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