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Margaret Sanger, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Released as of July 4, 1999 by the Model Editions Partnership

Edited by Ann D. Gordon, Ann Pfau, Kimberly Banks and Tamara Gaskell Miller

This site examines the first decade of collaboration between Stanton and Anthony, focusing on their decade of collaboration between Stanton and Anthony, focusing on their travels throughout New York State in the period 1852 to 1861. The letters, diaries, petitions, speeches, and newspaper articles included in this edition reveal the intense, local labor of these two reformers and their comrades in the antislavery, woman's rights, and temperance movements. Designed for use by high school and college students, this collection includes images of original documents as well as transcribed texts that have been edited to scholarly standards. The documents are connected to biographies, historical maps, and notes and may be searched by name, place, or key word. Organized chronologically, they can be searched and reorganized to answer the reader's questions.

Edited by Esther Katz, Cathy Moran Hajo, and Peter C. Engelman

This site chronicles Sanger's 1914 publication of the radical, feminist journal, _The Woman Rebel_, and her emergence as the foremost leader of the birth control movement. This edition documents Sanger's indictment for violation of federal obscenity laws, her unlawful flight from prosecution, her 13 months in exile in Europe, and her emotional return to New York in the fall of 1915 to face trial, and in so doing, traces the inception of the birth control movement in the U.S. The editors of the Margaret Sanger Papers have created an electronic edition that provides images of each document, headed by an identifying target that provides links to biographical sketches of individuals and organizations mentioned, the text of the laws broken, and a day-by-day chronology of Sanger's activities.

The editors of both projects welcome comments on these electronic editions and encourage their use in college and high school classrooms as well as by researchers.

The Model Editions Partnership is a consortium of seven historical editions which has joined forces with leaders of the Text Encoding Initiative and the Center for Electronic Text in the Humanities. Other editions represented on the Model Editions website are: the DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE FIRST FEDERAL CONGRESS, the DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE RATIFICATION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS, the PAPERS OF HENRY LAURENS, the ABRAHAM LINCOLN LEGAL PAPERS, and the PAPERS OF GENERAL NATHANAEL GREENE.

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Posted 7/16/99