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Academic Papers, Articles, and Books
* how to submit material to this directory
* Adding a Category of "Gender" to the International Definition of Refugee
* berkshire women's history conference
* beyond separatism, dysfunction, and the left as we know it
* bisexuality and how to use it
*Online Journals: Taylor and Francis Group (Search for `feminist')
*budgeting for equality: the australian experience
* computer bulletin board in women's studies classes
* feminism vs. family values
*feminist economics
* feminist influence in the democratic and republican parties
*Gender Nonconformity, Race, and Sexuality, by Toni Lester
*gender roles and labor use strategies: women's part-time work in the european union
* gender slumming
* girl clothes in a box
* The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: A Response to Donald Hope by Katherine C. Sheehan
* how "sex" got into title vii
* how to publish a book
*information and announcements
*Irma Adelman: a pioneer in the expansion of economics
*Israeli - Palestinian conflict
* levay critique: neuroscience or nonsense?
* madonna's revenge
*making visible the hidden economy: the case for gender-impact analysis of economic policy
* marketing angry women
*notes on contributors
* political culture of the democratic and republican parties
* racial differences in women's desire to be thin
* receiving the message: girls' reading, women's lives
* shopping for a change
*social capital, microfinance, and the politics of development
* student ratings are not gender blind
* the "stolen feminism" hoax
* the cultural necessity of queer families
* the revolution in women's legal status
* tonya harding goes to berkeley
* women at the 1988 democratic convention
* women at the 1988 republican convention

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