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Women's Studies Departments and Programs

* Artemis Guide to Women's Studies in the United States
* ASU's Women's Studies Degree Program
* Iota Iota Iota Women's and Gender Studies Honor Society
* Black Cultural Studies Site Index
* Claremont Graduate University: Women's Studies in Religion
* Core Lists in Women's Studies
* Canadian Women's Studies Online
* Curricular Crossing: Women's Studies and Area Studies
* Gender Inn: Women's and Gender Study Database (in German and English)
* Gender Related Electronic Forums
* Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy: Transformations (Journal)
* Information Resources for Women's Studies
* Information Resources for Women's Studies
* International Political Economy and Development Degree (M.A., Netherlands)
* Journal of South Asia Women's Studies
* National Women's Studies Association
* Online Database of Women's Studies Resources (maintained by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
* Printable List of Postal addresses for Women's Studies Programs
* Search Database of Women's Studies Programs
*Social Science Information Gateway: Women's Studies links
* Southern Illinois University Women's Studies
* Texas Woman's University
* University of Florida: Women's Studies Resources
* University of Houston: Women's Resources
* University of Wisconsin Women's Studies Librarian's Office
* Voice of the Shuttle: Women's Studies
* Women's Studies
* Women's Studies and Domestic Violence Publication
* Women's Studies Home Page, University of Antwerp
* Women's Studies Programs, Departments, and Research
* Women's Studies/Women's Issues
* Women's Resource Project
* Womanist Theory and Research
* York University's Women's Studies


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