Stein-L: an electronic discussion list and virtual salon on the art of Gertrude Stein

Stein-L is an academically inspired virtual salon for the discussion of all aspects regarding Gertrude Stein's life and work and the issues pertinent to it, such as Modernism/ Postmodernism, Women Writers, Expatriate Literature, Visual Arts, Sexuality and Gender, Politics, and many more.

Targeted towards scholars, teachers, students, and Stein-aficionados, Stein-L also functions as a medium for announcements and bulletins, notes and queries, syllabi, lesson plans, conferences, publications, and scholarly papers.

The purpose of Stein-L is to identify and establish a virtual community dedicated to the study, critical discussion, and dissemination of Stein's work.

The list is subscription-based and unmoderated, but the listowner ( participates frequently and actively. STEIN-L is part of he Gertrude Stein Online Project, which hopes to:
* Make room for new perspectives on Gertrude Stein.
* Make accessible new materials on the life and work of Gertrude Stein.
* Make permeable the boundaries between academic and popular cultural perspectives on Stein.
* Make a contribution to the worldwide appreciation of Gertrude Stein and to foster the study and performance of her work.
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To subscribe, send an e-mail message to with an empty subject line and with "subscribe Stein-L " (no "") in the message body.

For any questions or problems, please contact the listowner, Sonja Streuber, at

Sonja H. Streuber
Editor, time sense: a quarterly on the art of Gertrude Stein
Department of English
U of California
1 Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616