Announcing the addition of the Men's Studies Database to NISC's
Gender Studies Database Collection.

Complementing NISCís databases on Womenís Studies and
Sexual Diversity Studies, the Menís Studies Database helps
complete the spectrum of gender engaged scholarship inside and
outside academia. Multidisciplinary coverage includes empirical
and theoretical scholarship encompassing the issues of men's
identity and experience. Current as well as historical perspectives
focus on methodologies employed in the study of masculinities and
perceptions of men as represented in contemporary society.

With over 45,000 citations & abstracts, MSD covers 225 core and
hundred smore important periodicals providing access to the full
diversity of literature including journal articles, book reviews, books,
book chapters, theses, dissertations, bulletins, newsletters, internet
documents and numerous other sources on men's studies from
1990 to the present. Several thousand linksto freely available and
indexed full- text articles and documents on the web are now
available. Several hundred links provide access to carefully
selected and important websites.

Subjects covered include:
media & communication studies
legislation & rights, social change
criminology & criminal justice
ethnic studies
menís movements & groups
men's studies & feminist pedagogy
spirituality, mythopoetic men
work/family relationships
male genetic disorders (XXY, XYY, etc.)
fatherhood & family
male/female relationships
masculinities & boyhood/manhood
male sexualities, bodies & biology
athletics & sports
male menopause, mid-life & aging
men's health issues & andrology
growing up male
marriage & divorce, child custody
race & ethnicity
violence & abusive relationships

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