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New bwni.com Web site

The Business Women’s Network (BWN) is pleased to announce the launch of
our newly revamped Web site, www.bwni.com. This comprehensive Web site
will serve as a valuable resource for professional women, corporate
members, women business owners, the press and others. 

The homepage of www.bwni.com features an “Upcoming Events" section with
the latest information from BWN. Also found on the homepage are links 
tothe major sections of the site, which include:
 *  About BWN - includes information about BWN’s mission, the history 
    of BWN and its’ Founder, Edie Fraser, our staff and how to get in touch
    with us.
 *  Calendar – includes information about upcoming events and overviews
    member conference calls, business sessions, publications and more.
 *  Bookstore - features descriptions and an opportunity to purchase
    reports and publications by BWN.
 *  Partners - features a current list of our partners and a description
    of their company.
 *  Press Room, includes a chronological list of press releases issued 
    by BWN, and of our business entities: Diversity Best Practices and 
    Best Practices in Corporate Communication.
 *  Trailblazers – Spotlights the Corporate, Government, Small Business
    and Entrepreneurs who are innovative or upcoming leaders in their
 *  Business Tools - includes a variety of links to resources for
    information about women's entrepreneurship, starting a business,
    college, and government procurement. 
 *  Advertising Opportunities available - more details coming soon!

We encourage you to visit and browse through our Web site and we 
welcome feedback on how we can continue to improve the site so that it remains 
a valuable resource tool. Please feel free to share this announcement 
with your friends and colleagues and help us spread the word about how women
continue to play a vital role in the American economy.


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