Requirements for the Women's Studies Minor (27 items)   Dec. 1992
                    *A compilation of messages from WMST-L*

        Requirements from the following institutions are included:

        Nebraska Wesleyan University
        University of Maryland Baltimore County
        University of Illinois at Chicago
        Eastern Illinois University
        Ohio State University
        Kenyon College
        University of South Florida
        State University of New York at Plattsburgh
        James Madison University
        Morehead State University
        University of New Mexico
        University of Kentucky
        Gustavus Adolphus College
        University of Wisconsin - Superior
        College of William and Mary
        College of Charleston
        Virginia Commonwealth University
        Indiana-Purdue University
        Connecticut College
        Oberlin College
        Illinois Wesleyan University
        University of Houston
        Willamette University
        University of California - Irvine
        Suffolk University
        Gettysburg College
        Florida Atlantic University

Date:     Fri, 4 Dec 1992 11:04:28 CST
From:     Mary Beth Ahlum-Heath 
Subject:  Women Studies Minor Requirements

For purposes of comparison I would like to know what your requirements
are for a minor in WS.  We currently have a 15 hour minor with only
1 required core course (Intro to WS) the remaining 4 courses are chosen
from a list of electives.  I am curious to compare these requirements
with those in other programs.  Please respond privately.  Thanks!!
Date:     Fri, 4 Dec 1992 22:27:00 EDT
From:     Joan Korenman 
Subject:  Women Studies Minor Requirements

        I'm responding to the list because I suspect that this topic may be
of interest to a number of subscribers.  UMBC (University of Maryland
Baltimore County) has an 18-hour minor with three required courses:

        WMST 100 - Introduction to Women's Studies
        WMST/AFAM 370 - Black Women: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
        WMST 480 - Theories of Feminism

        The only restriction concerning the three remaining courses is that
they must be listed or crosslisted as WMST.  Also, though students may do a
Women's Studies internship at a local business or organization, the
internship must be in addition to the 18 hours of courses required for the

        Joan Korenman, Director      korenman@umbc  (bitnet)
        Women's Studies Program   (internet)
        Baltimore, MD 21228-5398
Date:     Sun, 6 Dec 1992 09:55:11 CST
From:     Stephanie Riger 
Subject:  ws minor requirements

Requirements for our minor are 15 semester hours, including WS 101
(Women in U.S. Society) OR WS 103 (Women in History, Literature and the
Arts) AND 102 (Women in International Perspective) and 390(Senior
Seminar) and two Women's STudies courses at the 200 (soph) level or
above. This last requirement includes courses in other departments that
are cross-listed in women's studies, and other courses not
cross-listed,with the consent of the Women's Studies Committee.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this.
Stephanie Riger
Women's Studies Program (M/C 360)
Univ. of Il. at Chicago
1022 Behavioral Sciences Building
1007 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, Il. 60607-7137
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Fax: 312-413-4122
Date:     Sun, 6 Dec 1992 17:29:18 CST
From:     Eleanor Midkiff 
Subject:  Women Studies Minor Requirements

At Eastern Illinois University we have an 18-semester-hour minor with one
required course, Feminist Theory.  The other courses can be taken from a
number of disciplines with Women's Studies crosslisted.  The only other
course to originate from Women's Studies is an introductory-level course
entitled Women, Men, and Culture.

Eleanor Midkiff
Psychology/Women's Studies
Eleanor Midkiff
Date:     Mon, 7 Dec 1992 08:45:31 EST
Subject:  women's studies minor

At The Ohio State University our minor consists of 23 credit hours, at least
13 of which must be at or above the 300 level, including at least 5 hours at
or above the 500 level.  One of the following is required (WS299 Introduction to
Analysis, WS210 Women, Culture, and Society, or WS210 Introduction to Women's
Studies in the Humanities); and one of the following is required (WS368 Black
 Women Writers:
Text and Context, WS505 Women's Worlds: Cross Cultural Analysis, or WS520
Women of Color and Social Activism).  [WS courses are 5 credits each].  The
remaining 13 credits may be selected from a list of WS and discipline based

Linda Bernhard
Date:     Mon, 7 Dec 1992 09:24:06 EST
Subject:  Women Studies Minor Requirements

Kenyon's Women's and Gender Studies program is a concentration rather than a
minor.  The requirements are 3 units (Kenyon talk for 6 courses or 18 hours).
Two courses must be in WGS: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies and the
Seminar. Two courses (or one unit) must include courses in a single department,
ie. two history courses, two psych courses, with the final two courses elected
from cross-listed courses.

Laurie Finke
Women's and Gender Studies
Ascension Hall
Kenyon College
Gambier OH 43022
Date:     Mon, 7 Dec 1992 10:41:22 EST
From:     Linda Lopez McAlister 
Subject:  women's studies minor

The minor in W.S. at University of South Florida is six courses: Introduction
to Women's Studies or Issues in Feminism, plus 5 additional courses chosen
from our six areas of concentration with no more than 2 courses from any one
area and at least 2 courses at the 4000 level and above. (The areas of
concentration are: 1. Multicultural Issues, 2. History, 3. Humanities, 4.
Social Sciences, 5. Theory/Philosophy, 6. Public Policy).

We have a B.A. in Women's Studies (36 hours) and a concentration in Women of
Color Studies which can work as a minor. It requires 15 hours selected from
the following specific courses:

Black Women in America, Women in Cross Cultural Perspective, Women of Color:
Activism and Social Change, Women in the Developing World, Research Issues on
Women of Color, Literature by Women of Color, Third World Women Writers.

Linda Lopez McAlister/HYPATIA: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy
Women's Studies Dept.      Internet: DLLAFAA@CFRVM.CFR.USF.EDU
Univ. of South Florida     Bitnet: DLLAFAA@CFRVM
Tampa, FL 33620            (813) 974-5531
Date:     Mon, 7 Dec 1992 16:13:00 EST
Subject:  women's studies minor

This is in response to the request for more information about women's
studies minor programs.  Here at SUNY Plattsburgh we have an 18 credit
women's studies minor with three levels: a two-course introductory sequence
, a three-course elective component, and a capstone seminar course.

The first course is Introduction to Women's Studies; the second is Feminist
Frameworks, an introductory theory course.  The electives, offered by
associates of the program across the campus, include Women in Art, History
of Canadian Women, Sociology of Women, African American Women Writers,
Perspectives in Women's Health, Feminist Sexuality, and others.  We are
fairly well represented across the campus, with a few notable exceptions:
political science, education, and the sciences.

The introductory courses and the capstone seminar are taught by the 2 full-
time members of our department (I am one of them).  The
capstone seminar changes in topic from year to year.  Last year the focus
was 19th century U.S. women's history, using the archives of our library's
Special Collections.  This spring (the course is offered every spring) the
focus will be on women of color in the U.S.  One thing we have tried to do
with the capstone course is to have an active component.  For the 19th
century history course, the students collectively wrote a guide to doing
research on women in the 19th century using Special Collections.  This
guide is now available to others.  It turned out very well.  I haven't yet
decided what the active component will be for the women of color course,
and I would love to receive any suggestions others might have.

We have a few other courses I should mention as well.  One is a teaching
internship in women's studies; students act as teaching assistants in the
introductory women's studies classes.  One of our newest courses-- it will
be offered for the first time this spring-- is the women's studies
internship.  While we've done unofficial internships with students, this is
a formal process.  Students will take a three-credit course that focuses on
community work and processes, and they will take from 3-9 additional
credits of internship work in a community or campus agency.  Only 3 of
these credits, however, are applicable to the minor.

That's all I can think of for now.  I'd be happy to provide more
information if anyone wants it.

Jen Scanlon

                                        Jennifer Scanlon
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Date:     Mon, 7 Dec 1992 16:58:39 -0500
From:     Arnie Kahn 
Subject:  Re: women's studies minor

    At James Madison U. we have an 18 credit minor with two required
    courses, Intro to WS and a senior-level capstone course in which a
    major paper/project is undertaken.

Arnie Kahn, Psychology, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA 22807     (703) 568-3963 - day (preferred)                 (703) 434-0225 - night
fac_askahn@jmuvax                                       (703) 568-3322 - fax
Date:     Mon, 7 Dec 1992 19:07:08 EDT
Subject:  Re: women's studies minor

Our new Women's Studies minor at Morehead State University
is a 21 credit hour minor.  Two courses are required: Intro
to W.S. and an Ingetrative Capstone.  The capstone course
merges the women's studies perspective with their major.
They can choose to do research or a creative project, which
ever is more appropriate.  We will also teach them to write
a resume and cover letter and role play job interviews.  We
will also teach them about affirmative action and avenues
of recourse.  We envision the capstone ending in a ceremony
in which our minors will be graduated into the world.  (this
course has not been taught yet - est. abour two years before
we will have students to take it.)

The rest of our courses are crosslisted from other departments.
Faculty request crosslisting their courses by filling out a
form (a copy of the form is available from either Joan or
myself).  This spring we have four courses crosslisted.Donna Phillips, Director
Women's Studies Program Advisory Council
Morehead State University
Date:     Tue, 8 Dec 1992 09:25:04 MST
From:     dklein@TRITON.UNM.EDU
Subject:  Minor requirements

Our program is 20 years old and we offer a minor in Women Studies as follows:

24 hours with core requirements of 9 hours to be satisfied by:

        Race, Class and the Feminist Movement OR
        Contemporary Feminist Theory
        Senior Seminar

The other 15 hours are satisfied by electives from four different groups:
Women in Cultural Context (3 hours min), Social Science Analyses of
Women, History of Women, Women Studies in the Arts and Humanities.

We find that students oftentimes take more hours than the required in
anticipation of applying for graduate programs in women studies.

Deborah Klein                          Internet:
Women Studies Mesa Vista 2136          Phone 505 277 3854
UNM Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-1586
"One can live in the shadow of an idea without grasping it." E. Bowen
Date:     Tue, 08 Dec 92 14:10:06 EST
From:     ellen 
Subject:  ws minor

Our minor at University of Kentucky consists of 18 hours of courses (3 credits
each). Two introductory courses are required: WS 200: Women's Studies in the
Social Sciences, and WS 201: Women's Studies in the Arts and Humanities. For
the rest of the courses, we have some regularly-offered classes in departments
(English, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Poli Sci and Allied
Health) and topics courses offered sporadically and unpredictably around the
university. Students can also do independent studies and internships.

We're in the process of developing a graduate minor or certificate. Can I get
onto this list and get some information from other universities about your
graduate programs? Thanks, Ellen Rosenman, Director of Women's Studies,
University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. 40506. e-mail or
Date:     Tue, 8 Dec 1992 13:14:00 CST
Subject:  Re: Minor requirements

Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota has a minor in Women's Studies
with the following requirements:  Five courses, chosen in consultation with
an adviser in Women's Studies and distributed as follows:
PIll J Introduction to Women's Studies (currently under revision to a semester
long course)
At least two courses selected from among the Core Courses.
At least one course selected from among the Complementary Courses.
Core Course definition:  Courses seeking designation as Core Courses in the WS
program must demonstrate that the central purpose and focus of the course is to
discuss issues relating to women.  The central subject matter of these courses
will be the lives, work, values, and ideas of women.
Complementary Courses:  must demonstrate that the central purpose and focus of
the course is to address issues of "difference."  Issues of diffeence may
include but are not limited to discussions of race, class, culture, ethnicity,
sexual orientation, education, employment, age, able-bodiedness, and gender.
The ultimate purpose of any discussion of difference in an academic setting
should be to address the ways that those who are not white, upper-middle-class,
educated, healthy, employed, self-determining, and male (i.e. those people
whose lives and work have traditionally been the subject of serious academic
inquiry) have been excluded from serious study, and how that exclusion may have
distorted traditional ways of viewing the world.  In addition, Complementary
Courses in Women's Studies must include some discussion of issues of women.
Currently designated courses:  Core:  19th Century British Women's Fiction,
HI-Family Ties, PE-Women's Health Issues, PE-Women and Sports, PI Intro. to
Women's Studies, EN- American Women Writers, British Women Writers, Modern
Fiction, FR Quebecois Writers, GN Conversation and Composition, HI Women in
America, History of Sexuality, Women in Europe, American Women' Rights, History
of Feminism in Europe and America, PI Racism and Sexism, Feminist Philosophy,
RE Women and the Bible, TH-Race and Gender Issues in Theater.  Complementary
Courses:  CL-Gender in ANtiquity, GN-The Other Germany, GN-German Film:
Representing the 3rd Reich, HI-Do the Right Thing (Martin Luther King/Malcolm
X), PI-African Philosophies, HI-African-American History, American Radicalism,
Everyday Life in Preindustrial Europe, SA-Cultural Anthropology, American
Minorities and Native Americans.
Date:     Tue, 8 Dec 1992 16:05:28 CST
From:     Deb Nordgren 
Subject:  Women's Studies Program

The Women's Studies minor at the University of Wisconsin-Superior was re-
vitalized last year.  The Women's Studies Committee has been very active in
the process.  The assistant vice-chancellor, Dr. Rhea Das, and the
Chancellor, Dr. Betty Youngblood, were very supportive.  The 22-credit
minor (semester credits) is coordinated by the chair of the Sociology/
Anthropology/Social Work Department, currently Dr. Michael Ball.  The
committee is in the process of reviewing the required courses.  New this
year is an introductory course, Sociology of Women, and "The Study of the
American Indian Woman".  We also offer courses in Psychology of Women,
Women in Management, Literary Women, History of Women, Women and the
Criminal Justice System and others.  We plan to include a senior seminar,
capstone experience.
Deb Nordgren
Technical Services Librarian
Jim Dan Hill Library
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Superior, WI  54880
Date:     Wed, 9 Dec 1992 13:58:00 EST
Subject:  Women's Studies Minor

At the College of William and Mary our minor requires 19
hours; our 4-credit core course, at least 6 hours of
women's studies courses in humanities departments and
6 hours in social science departments.  We are considering
requiring our upper level feminist theory course as well.
Deborah G. Ventis, WPSADGV@WMMVS

At the College of Charleston we have a very similar program.  The minor
requires 6 courses: WS 200 (intro to WS) plus 5 others from a list of
electives (areas include: philosophy, sociology, history, polisci, and
anything else we can get people to teach).  We are in the midst of trying
to diversify our offerings, but having little success -- the idea of WS is
not popular in all depts (we are especially lacking in Lit and Psych
courses).  Good luck.  If you'd like any other info, let me know.
Joyce A. Carpenter
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC  29424


   For the minor at Virginia Commonwealth University we require 18
hours.  Intro is required as well as one course from an approved
short list in the social sciences and one course from an approved
short list in the humanities.  This insures that students take an
interdisciplinary mix.  I would like to know what others do.  Perhaps
you could post a summary on the list.
Diana Scully


Our Women's Studies Minor requires 15 credits with a grade of C or better in
an intro course, a humanities cross-listed course, a social science cross-listed
course, and 2 other cross-listed or WOST courses.

We also have a 30-credit major with these requirements:

intro course (Intro to Women's Studies)
WOST 301 course called international perspectives on women
WOST 400 course called Topics in Women's Studies
6 credits (2 courses) in cross-listed humanities courses
6 credits in cross-listed social science courses
9 credits (3 courses) in other WOST or cross-listed courses

Elaine Blakemore
Department of Psychology
Indiana-Purdue University
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


Mary Beth-  Our requirements for the Women's Studies minor are the same as yours
(essentially).  We require the Intro to WS course and four courses from a menu
of electives; one must be an upper-level course or independent study.  Hope this
is helpful.  Joan Chrisler, Connecticut College         jcchr@conncoll


I am actually a Women's Studies minor at Oberlin College in Ohio,
so I'll fill you in on what our requirements are.  We must
accumulate sixteen hours according to the following guidelines:

1.  Women's Studies 100 (3 hours) or two entry-level cross-listed
courses categorized as Women's Studies Core Disciplinary courses
in two different divisions of the College;
2.  At least six additional hours in Core Disciplinary or Core
Program courses;
3.  Additional credits, as necessary, earned in other Women's
Studies courses (core or related).

At least six of the credits in the core and disciplinary courses
must be above the introductory level.

At Oberlin, the Core Program class consist of courses which are
only offered in the Women's Studies department.  The Core
Disciplinary courses are cross-listed with a primary focus on the
experience of women.  Related courses include many from around
the college that have significant emphasis on women's issues or
women's history.

I hope this has been helpful for you!


                          Andrew Roy
                          Oberlin College


Requirements for the Women's Studies Minor at Illinois Wesleyan University:

1. Women's Studies 101: "Introduction to Women's Studies"
2. 5 additional courses designated as Women's Studies courses, at least 2
of which must be 300-level. These courses must be chosen from at least 2
different divisions, schools, or programs, and within those, at least 3
different departments or disciplines.

Wes Chapman
Illinois Wesleyan University
weschap@uiucvmd (bitnet) (internet)


        In reply to your question, our minor requires a total of 15 credit
hours (=5 courses), of which at least 6 must come from the College of
Social Sciences and at least 6 from the College of Humanities, Fine arts,
and Communication. We have no core course.  All the courses are advanced
(i.e. junior/senior) level.  Hope this is of interests.

Cynthia Freeland, Director
Women's Studies,
Univ. of Houston


Our minor in WS is also 15 hours (five courses).  We reccommend Intro to
WS (called "Feminism, Gender, and Society").  We require two courses:
Feminist Theory, and a seminar called "Topics in Feminist Analysis"; the
focus for the latter  changes each semester, and it can be taken more than
once for credit.  The prerequisite for each of these required courses is
two previous courses in the minor.  We also require that one of the three
electives be in a humanities discipline, and one in a social science
discipline (unfortunately, at present we have no WS courses in the natural

Hope this is helpful.

--Frann Michel
Willamette University
Department of English


FYI: The Women's Studies minor at UC Irvine requires seven (7) courses
(major is thirteen) including the three course introductory sequence
(Introduction to WS: Feminist Perspectives on Culture and Society;
Social Perspectives on Gender; and Humanistic Perspectives on Gender)
then four electives from WS courses in any discipline.  Hope this is helpful.

Joan Ariel
Academic Coordinator
UCI Women's Studies


The Women's Studies Minor at Suffolk University requires a one-year Intro
to WS course (6 credits) and 12 credits of electives.  Except for the
intro course, all WS courses here are offered by other disciplines, and
approved for the minor by the Committee on Women's Studies.

John Berg


Dear Mary-Beth,
   We have a 6 course requirement for a Women's Studies minor at Gettysburg
College.  Courses are typically 3 hours per week for a 14 week semester.
Of the 6 courses, two must be Introduction to Women's Studies and our
senior capstone course, Issues in Feminist Theory and Methods.  Two
additional courses must be from our list of core women's studies courses.
The remaining two courses may be core courses, affiliated courses, or
approved internships or independent studies.
Jean L. Potuchek
Women's Studies
Gettysburg College


From:   Jnet%"RAHIMI@FAUVAX"      "Rebecca Rahimi" 10-DEC-1992 12:02:25.03
Subj:   WMST Certificate Requirements

        Florida Atlantic University--a regional, urban, commuter,
        four-year public institution located in Boca Raton on Florida's
        east coast with approximately 15,000 students attending campuses
        in three counties--currently offers an undergraduate certificate
        program in Women's Studies, although a graduate-level major
        is planned for five years in the future.

        The WMST curriculum consists of three parts:
        the core course, Intro to Women's Studies; three
        Women's Studies courses (two of which must be outside
        the student's major); and a fifth elective course
        concerning women in relation to culture and society.

        Courses may be completed in any order.  Student must earn
        a C or better.  WMST courses may be counted toward other
        general and specific degree requirements, just as courses
        taken to fulfill other requirements may be applied to the
        WMST curriculum.

        Certificate may be awarded upon graduation, after
        graduation, or to non-degree-seeking students who hold
        a Bachelor's.  Certificate is *not* awarded at university's
        graduation but, rather, in a separate annual ceremony.  Both the
        university president and provost of academic affairs have
        conferred certificates in past WMST ceremonies.

        FAU's WMST program is analogous to a minor (FAU
        doesn't officially offer the minor designation), but the
        College of Arts & Humanities offers an A&H college
        major with a "theme" consisting of twelve credits
        in one department.  One option, therefore, is to
        enroll as an A&H major pursuing the WMST theme, which
        essentially becomes the undergraduate major.

        In general, WMST courses are listed in the department and
        college from which they originate.  Only the Intro and DIS
        courses are listed in WMST department.  All courses must be
        approved by the WMST Executive Committee, an
        interdisciplinary board composed of WMST Director, WMST
        faculty, and feminist university administrator(s).

        WMST at FAU was given departmental status in 1986.
        The WMST Center occupies one large classroom (with a
        terrific view) which houses the Director's office,
        her part-time secretary's office, a conference area for the
        WMST Executive Committee, a mini-lounge for students
        to drop in and chat, as well as the Director's personal
        "lending library."

        For more info, contact: Helen Bannan, Director,
        Women's Studies Center, A&H 243-E, Florida Atlantic
        University, P.O. Box 3091, Boca Raton, FL  33431-0991;
        (407) 367-3865.  (No e-mail address applicable.)

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