(From National Women's Studies Association membership brochure)


                        Barbara W. Gerber
  -  We value and celebrate the diversity of cultures and interests
     within our communities, society, our professional world and
  -  Our mission/task is the enhancement of all women's lives
     through the stewardship of knowledge/information relevant to
     understanding women's lives.
  -  We accept the challenge of extending knowledge through
     teaching and practice as specialists in the field.
  -  We will accomplish this utilizing traditional and alternative
     methods of understanding and teaching; and we will exert
     leadership in using and sharing knowledge and skills.
  -  We believe in displaying leadership which is willing to take
     risks, shows a readiness to take stands and assumes a
     responsibility to act on relevant issues.
  -  Our decisions will be guided by professional knowledge,
     compassion, reverence for life, understanding the
     interconnectedness of everything, and a desire to improve the
     lives of all women.
  -  Through NWSA we will provide leadership to achieve this by
     sponsoring national conferences, journals and other printed
     and non-printed media, which showcase feminist scholarship and
     research, as well as professional development and
     opportunities for networking.