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Please refer to the Gender-Related Electronic Forums Site for comprehensive electronic list information on the following subjects: Activist, Arts and Humanities, Business/Finance, Education, Health, International, Internet Information, Motherhood, Religion/Spirituality, Science/Technology, Sexuality/Sexual Orientation, Social Science, Women of Color, and Women's Studies.

* How to Contribute Information to this Directory
* Academic Lesbians & Bisexuals List (LESACNET)
* African Women List (AFRICAW)
* Educational Equity List (EDEQUITY)
* European Women Academic Mathematicians (EWM-ALL)
* Feminist Activist List (ABIGAIL-L)
* Feminist Campus Activist List (CAN-YFN)
* Feminist Philosophy List (SWIP-L)
* Feminist Psychologist List (PWINET-L)
* Feminist Religion List (FEMREL-L)
* Feminists Against Violence Everywhere (FAVNET)
* Franco-American Women's Institute (FAWI)
* Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Lists
* Gender and Communication Technologies List (GRANITE)
* Gender & Development (DEVELOPMENT-GENDER)
* Gender in Science, Technology, Engineering (GENDER-SET)
* International Feminism List (FEMISA)
* Latina, Chicana Issues (MUJER-L)
* Lesbian Studies List
* Lesbian Writers List (lesbian-writers)
* Queer Studies List (QSTUDY-L)
* Women and the Environment List (ECOFEM)
* Women and Theatre Program Discussion List (WTP-L)
* Women in Ecology Discussion List (WOMEN-IN-ECOLOGY)
* Women in Economic & Social History Discussion List (WOMEN-SOC-ECON-HISTORY)
* Women in German Studies Discussion List (WIGS-FORUM)
* Women in Science List (WISENET)
* Women in Sports List (WISHPERD)
* Women in the Military (MINERVA)
* Women in Wales List (WOMEN-WALES)
* Women's Health List (WMN-HLTH)
* Women Researchers, A List for Activists, Scholars and Students (WM-Research)
* Women's Studies List (WMST-L)
* Women's Studies Network (UK) Association List (WOMENS-STUDIES)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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