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Sophia Smith Collection and Smith College Archives Research Support Awards 2004-2005

Caroline D. Bain Fellowship
Maraget Storrs Grierson Fellowships and
Travel-to-Collections Funds

The Sophia Smith Collection and the Smith College Archives at Smith College fund three research support programs: the Caroline D. Bain Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship and the Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholars-in-Residence Fellowships, both awarded in annual competitions, and the smaller Margaret Storrs Grierson Travel-to-Collections grants, awarded twice a year in November and April. The Bain Scholar will receive an award of up to $2000 intended to support four weeks of research in the Sophia Smith Collection. Grierson Scholars will hold awards of $2500, intended to support four-to-six weeks of research in either the Sophia Smith Collection or the College Archives. Applications are welcome from faculty members, independent researchers, and graduate students who reside at least 50 miles from Northampton, MA and whose research interests and objectives would be significantly advanced by extended work in the holdings of either the Sophia Smith Collection or the Smith College Archives.

Application cover sheets for the Caroline D. Bain Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship, the Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholars-in-Residence Fellowships and additional application instructions can be found on the SSC website at http://www.smith.edu/libraries/ssc, and at the Smith College Archives website at http://www.smith.edu/libraries/ca. Successful applicants will demonstrate their projects' high relevance to the unique holdings of the Sophia Smith Collection and/or the Smith College Archives and a significant contribution to historical understanding. Applications for Bain and Grierson Fellowships must be postmarked on or before January 15, 2004. Awards will be announced by April 1st. Applicants should address their materials to: Research Support Program, Sophia Smith Collection and Smith College Archives, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063.

Travel-to-Collections grants are also available to offset travel expenses of researchers engaged in projects requiring briefer visits. We also welcome and encourage requests from researchers who would like to survey our holdings as they formulate their research agendas. Applicants for Travel-to-Collections grants should submit a curriculum vita, a letter outlining their research interests and needs, and a proposed budget (not to exceed $1000). Graduate students should also submit two letters of recommendation that speak to their scholarly experience, ability, and promise. We review applications for Travel-to-Collections grants twice each year. Fall applications must be postmarked by November 1st and spring applications by April 1st.

For further information on the Bain or Grierson Scholar-in-Residence Fellowships, or the Travel-to-Collections funds, contact Kate Weigand, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063. E-mail: Kweigand@email.smith.edu


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