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The second issue of Peace, Conflict and Development - a journal based at the Department of Peace Studies, Bradford, UK - is now available online. Access to the journal is free.

This issue contains the following papers:

Cordula Reiman: Why Are Violent, Intra-state Conflicts Protracted? Looking at Azar's Model of Protracted Social Conflict from a Gender Perspective;
Shae Garwood: Working to Death: Gender, Labour, and Violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Deanna Iribarnegaray: Peacekeeping's New Partnerships
Agata Dziewulska: Peace Processes in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Theory and Practice
Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua: Civil Society, Human Rights and Development in Africa: A Critical Analysis
Johannes Heiler: Institutions, Civil Society, and Nationalism in the Context of Democratic Consolidation: Prospects for Democracy
Yukiko Nshikawa: East Timor: Unfinished Business
Nene Mburu: The Proliferation of Guns and Rustling in Karamoja and Turkana Districts: the Case for Appropriate Disarmament Strategies

Papers are now accepted for Issue Three. Submission guidelines available on the website. For more information or to join email subscription list write to editor@peacestudiesjournal.org.uk

Website: www.peacestudiesjournal.org.uk


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